Olly Murs Celebrates By Getting Naked


Indian prince turning his pink palace into a centre for at-risk LGBT+ people.


Getting the world to believe that people are born “GAY”!


Facebook needs to do more to combat discrimination

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  • A Jihad for Love is a 2008 documentary film and was the world's first film on Islam and homosexuality. It took...

  • Background In 2015 about 37.3 million people were living with HIV and it resulted in 1.2 million deaths. Most of...

  • For those who have contracted HIV, comprehensive, culturally-competent care that addresses all aspects of health – including medical, sexual, and...

  • This 2-minute private survey is about the variations between Sex, Gender, Orientation, and Sexual health. "Your participation would be appreciated...

  • Bias continues to be a big topic in diversity and inclusion, but there is more to culture change and changing...

  • We know people have a lot of questions and concerns around PrEP, so we sourced some answers for you. What is...

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