Two male lions are spotted ‘mating’ in Botswana safari park.

It must be a gay pride! Two male lions are spotted ‘mating’ in Botswana safari park after ignoring pregnant lioness.

Photographer spotted the two male lions apparently trying to mate in the Lagoon area of Kwando in Botswana.

A guide told Belgian lawyer Nicole Cambré that the lions had been displaying this behaviour for the last week.

She said pair had pushed out the resident males earlier in the year and that they showed no interest in the lioness.

This is the moment two male lions in an African safari park were captured on camera – apparently trying to mate.

The two adult lions were photographed becoming more than affectionate in the Lagoon area of the Kwando Concession in Botswana, southern Africa.

Lawyer Nicole Cambré, who took the pictures during a safari trip, said she saw the two male lions ‘mating’ and was told by her guide that this behaviour had been evident for a week.

Nicole Cambré is a lawyer from Brussels, Belgium with a passion for photography. One of her images won the nature category of the 2014 National Geographic photo contest.

Biologists have recorded same-sex sexual activity in more than 450 species including flamingos, bison, beetles and warthogs.

A 2010 study of Alaskan Albatrosses found that a third of the pairs actually consisted of two females.