Looking Ahead: Australia in 2016

Australia this year will once again host one of the most varied and interesting selection of IDAHOT events. From small local events and ceremonies to spectacular public displays, Australia’s calendar will be filled with a host of incredible actions for May 17.

In Western Sydney, local activists and the Open Door Community of Christ will host a picnic day on May 17 to celebrate members of the local LGBTI community. As well as showing solidarity, the church group hope to shine a light on the difficulties faced by LGBTI individuals and to encourage others to take a stand against discrimination. The event will be attended by over 200 people, including politicians and religious leaders, and will also run alongside local IDAHOT events run by campaigners and local authorities.

A number of other events will also be held in local communities across Australia. In Brisbane local landmarks will once again be lit in rainbow colors, including the city’s largest bridge (thanks to the Brisbane LGBTIQ Action Group), while organizations including businesses, charities, and even police will also mark the day within their local communities.

Australia will also see its first “Move in May”, as the Melbourne based Stand Up group aims to gather a 5000-strong crowd to march against heteronormativity on May 17.
For more information on events and news please keep an eye out for our upcoming 2016 annual reports.

Information retrieved from: http://dayagainsthomophobia.org/looking-ahead-australia-in-2016/ on the 27-04-2016.