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My Rainbow Network (this site) is a free rainbow-friendly repository for LGBTI+ periodicals, stories, blogs, news, opinions, resources and other multimedia formats for educational purposes and to promote social inclusion in the communities we serve. The free part is very important – because the content on here can be used by anyone for any purpose. It is a founding principle of My Rainbow Network, to only host resources and content that is unbiased, unfiltered and “ungendered”. Our aim is to help promote equality and reform for LGBTIQ+ individuals and same sex-couples in mainstream society.
Our Content

We only accept free content, that is,  images and other media files that are not subject to copyright restrictions which would prevent them being used by anyone, anytime, for any purpose. Therefore, we can only accept two types of content:

  1. Content whose copyright holder has explicitly agreed to allow anyone to use it for any purpose
  2. Content that is not protected by copyright

Copyright protection means that the copyright holder has the right to specify who may edit or reproduce the work and how it may be distributed. Only the copyright holder can grant a license. The copyright holder is usually the person who created the work, such as a photographer, graphic designer or painter. However, there could also be other restriction by issues not related to copyright. We try to ensure that any such restrictions are mentioned on the image description page; however, in all cases, it’s the responsibility of reusers to ensure they use the media in according to the license and violates no applicable law.

Examples of content that is not realistically useful for educational purposes in most cases:

  • Fake news and propaganda
  • Private image collections such as private party photos, selfies and porn
  • Files created or uploaded for purposes of vandalism or attack
  • Unethical/Offensive ads and marketing campaigns
  • Low-quality content that does not add value beyond our existing coverage of the same topic

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Let’s Work Together

The following are suggested ways of working together:

  • Press & Social Media Trips, fitting with the editorial themes of the website
  • Contests, giveaways and featured articles about select products & services
  • Sponsored Posts & Product Reviews
  • Banner advertising
  • Brand Ambassadorship

Objective & Purposes

Helping identify the social barriers that inhibit human growth and potential, Our purpose is to encourage participation for all members’ and contributions in the community, to inspire constructive dialogue and opinions to address some of today’s biggest human rights violations and social problems.

Our aspirations are to;

  • advance health, and knowledge
  • advance education for youth in regional areas
  • advance social and public welfare
  • advance culture and preserve rainbow pride history
  • Promote reconciliation and cultural tolerance
  • Protecting human rights

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The Sociological Imagination Process

Using your sociological imagination will help you to think critically, and practicing your critical thinking will expand your sociological imagination.

Sociologists differ in their understanding of the concept, but the range suggests several important commonalities. Together, they conclude that: C. Wright Mills defined sociological imagination as “the awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society”.

The Rainbow Community may assume that they will be negatively judged for their sexual orientation and may experience intense fear and/or anxiety that prevent them from being open about their sexual orientation. The perception of homophobia from the community (whether accurate or not) and the internalising of negative things that they have heard about being “gay” can lead to misconceptions and confusion about Sexual fluidity (asexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality).

Key LGBT + IPAQ statistics

The Rainbow Community suffer alarmingly high rates of bullying and violence in schools, alcohol and drug use, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS), suicide and homelessness. Some statistics include:

  • 84.6 percent of LGB students reported being verbally harassed
  • 40.1 percent reported being physically harassed
  • 18.8 percent reported being physically assaulted

at school in the past year because of their sexual orientation.1

  • Nearly two-thirds (61.1 percent) of students reported that they felt unsafe in school because of their sexual orientation.1
  • 38.4 percent of The Rainbow Community drank alcohol before age 13, compared with 21.3 percent of heterosexual youth.2