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Why should you consider advertising to the rainbow-community?

The pink dollar is valued to be worth 20 billion dollars, in Australia and over three trillion dollars globally. With same-sex ceremonies now legal in over 22 countries, it’s never been a better time to join the grassroots social movement celebrating inclusion and equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex individuals and same-sex couples.

Fixed Price Advertising Model

Design Guidelines

  • Formats accepted: JPG, PNG, GIF, animated GIF and Flash.
  • Creative must feature a 1-pixel border of gray (#CCCCCC) to distinguish from content.
  • Creative must match ad size and cannot exceed the specified file size, unless discussed or agreed otherwise.


  • Creative may not include nudity, graphic sex, violence or illegal acts.
  • Ads may not have transparent backgrounds and may never blend into screen content.
  • Creative cannot use the My Rainbow Network name or logo without prior approval.
  • Creative must be related to the product/service being advertised (and to the applicable landing page).
  • Creative shall not infringe, violate or otherwise conflict with the intellectual property right of any third party.

Animation/Looping Guidelines

  • 3 loop maximum; total animation time for all loops combined cannot exceed 30 seconds.
  • Animation must be 10 seconds between rotations.
  • Ads may not employ rapid/”strobing” animation of any graphic, copy or background element(s).

Flash Creative

  • A backup GIF or JPG image must be provided for browsers without the Flash plug-in. This backup image should follow the specifications of an image ad of that size.
  • Flash banners must not include hard-coded or embedded URLs. URLs must be alterable.

Right of Refusal

My Rainbow Network may refuse creative at any time for any reason, including our determination that they promote products or services which negatively affect our business, or relationship with our members.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors enjoy all the benefits associated with Digital Sponsorship & Membership, and sponsor packages are negotiated on an individual basis.





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  Domain name has not expired and become part of a Public Blog Network

  Website’s content is original, high quality and informative

  Website is not performing any SEO activities that are putting it at risk of being deindexed

  Website is not selling a large number of guest posts, also know as a Guest Post Farm

  Website is not promoting any unethical or illegal content or media that may damage your brand’s reputation.