Let’s Talk About Sexual Orientation!

Lets talk about sexual orientation, sometimes it’s used to include romantic orientation, the tendency to feel romantic attraction to certain kinds of people. Words for orientations involving non-binary people are, at this time in history, not satisfactorily developed or agreed upon.

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His Secret-Sex-Zones Revealed

You know how to work his body, but do you know how it works? The key to giving a guy maximum pleasure is using moves that make the most of Continue Reading

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High heels were originally made for men.

These boots were made for walking… More like made for men to be walking in

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Good Bi Love: What About That “One in a Million” Same-sex Crush

3/19/2018 Recently, I was reading the gay British magazine, Attitude, where I saw an interview with UK Celebrity […]
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Queer Student Stabbed His Homophobic Bully

There’s Now Video of the Fight That Led a Queer Student to Stab His Homophobic Bully

Abel Cedeno video

A newly released Abel Cedeno video shows the queer student defending himself from punches, but does it prove he stabbed a bully in self-defense?

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