Gay Self-Loathing Hasn’t Gone Away.

Not all queer stories need happy endings. But in the “Love, Simon” era, pessimistic stereotypes are little more than weightless relics.

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Gay boomers are worried they have to go back in the closet.

Paul Glass, who grew up gay in the 1960s, has painful memories of being called a “faggot” in his Roxbury neighborhood and on excursions into downtown Boston. He’d like to Continue Reading

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6 Ways to Meet Gay Men that Don’t Require Apps

Over the past 10 years I’ve been in a number of relationships, each of which began in a unique way. From the antiquated approach of creepily sending a friend request on Facebook to someone I didn’t know personally, to pursuing dates with what should have just been a Grindr hookup, I have met gay guys using a handful of methods, some of which have proven to yield better long-term outcomes than others.

Oddly enough, my current partner and I actually met at an afterhours party amidst hundreds of sweaty bodies, a relentless thumping bassline, and impressive strobe lights. Luckily for us, we quickly learned that our common interests span far beyond the occasional circuit party. While this situation is probably atypical given the circumstance, there is one factor that I believe contributed to the growth of our relationship – the fact that we were introduced by a mutual friend in an unassuming and casual environment. Having this similar circle of friends and acquaintances in addition to our mutually shared interests proved to be beneficial during the development of our relationship.

When it comes to long-term dating, I would argue that most of us prefer that “organic” feeling of meeting someone in person in a setting that doesn’t feel arranged or set-up. Although dating apps have made instantaneous communication with other gays alarmingly accessible and at our fingertips, these virtual environments don’t always cultivate the best opportunities for an engagement that’s longer lasting than a fun hookup. So, where then do we turn to meet other gays? How can we position ourselves in a way that makes us likely to meet other guys who align with our motivations, interests, and behaviors?

1. Join a Gay Sports League

Most major cities have them. Whether you are into dodgeball, volleyball, or generally enjoy any sport that involves balls near and around your face, there is likely a gay league that will meet your interest. These teams are obvious outlets for people to enjoy the sport or activity in question, but they also provide an excellent way for guys to meet others with shared interests. In West Hollywood, for example, the Gay Varsity Dodgeball League has taken on a seemingly cult-like following, with team members organizing regular nights out after matches, parties, and other fun stuff.

2. Volunteer at a Local LGBT Nonprofit

Many cities also offer guys the opportunity to get involved by volunteering at the local level with their LGBT community, which often proves to be a perfect way to meet other men with shared interests. For example, the Impulse Group has local chapters in cities all over the United States (and globally), offering active gay men a way to help promote sexual health and wellness by producing fun and informative events, organizing talks, and sometimes throwing parties. Groups like these often have their own retreats, get-togethers, and organize events that are perfect for meeting other friendly people.

3. Find Cool Meetup Events

Meetup is an app that allows users to organize their own events based on interest, hobby, sport, and more. Many of the existing groups have tons of members and weekly meetups, while others are smaller and meet less frequently. There are a ton of diverse LGBT-oriented groups on the platform – for example, this San Francisco LGBT Dungeons and Dragons group. Check it out – there might just be a group that fits your niche interest!

4. Attend Gay Pride Celebration Parties

This is definitely a more obvious option seeing as the chances of meeting other gay guys at pride events are rather high. That being said, the craziness and high-volume crowds that often accompany these events often deter people from attending, and these are valid concerns. Therefore, if you’re trying to avoid the mainstream madness of the actual parade or festival, seek out the private parties that often accompany a pride weekend in any given major city. For example, pride in Los Angeles often involved a daytime pool party at the Andaz in West Hollywood on pride Saturday. San Diego pride also offers a plethora of fun ticketed events as well, such as the vibrant Zoo Party.

5. Organize LGBTQ Heritage Month for Your Work Organization

If you are openly out at work, a great way to meet other queer men and women would be to organize an LGBTQ Heritage Month. LGBTQ Heritage Month (often called LGBTQ History Month) occurs every June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that occurred in June, 1969. Some workplaces honor this month by sending out a weekly email blast that commemorates individuals who helped shape our community, culture, or fought for equal rights. For example, many workplaces choose to showcase individuals like Harvey Milk, Freddy Mercury, and even RuPaul! If your work currently doesn’t celebrate LGBTQ History Month (and they are open and accepting of LGBTQ people), you should consider organizing one yourself. You never know who from your workplace might volunteer to join you!

6. Attend an Event at a Gay Coffee Shop

Unlike heading to the bar and hoping to make an intimate connection with someone in the midst of drinking and debauchery, coffee shops cultivate the perfect atmosphere to have real conversations with people who are not intoxicated. Gay coffeeshops exist all over the country that cater to people from the LGBTQ community, such as Wicked Grounds in San Francisco, Equal Grounds in Rochester NY, and the infamous Starbucks in West Hollywood.

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Have you heard this one?

Have you heard this one? When people get dementia, they “revert” to being straight. It’s a homophobic myth, but it still gets trotted out by some aged care providers, say Continue Reading

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Sheltering Homeless Youth 21-24 Gets $1MM in New City Budget

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | In the eight years since former Mayor Michael Bloomberg convened a special commission to study the hurdles facing runaway and homeless youth (RHY) in New York City, advocates organized as the Campaign for Youth Shelter have pushed the city to expand eligibility for New Yorkers without stable housing to enter youth-specific […]

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Voice of secularism: Curly arch will not disappear!

Have you ever wondered about the tendencies of others? Sellers and drivers and the man who crosses the street .. The woman who sits in the cafe is a lesbian Continue Reading

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The negative consequences of Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most popular addictive substances in the world. Some people can control how much they drink, but others have risk factors that prevent them from drinking responsibly. When these people become addicted to alcohol, they’re often referred to as alcoholics.

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Supporting someone to see a health professional

Supporting someone to see a health professional about anxiety and/or depression can be really difficult. But if you’ve had a conversation with them about their mental health already, it’s important Continue Reading

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Strategies for Supporting a person who is suicidal

Supporting a person who is suicidal, has attempted suicide, or is bereaved by suicide, can generate a broad range of feelings. It can be challenging to do but also humbling Continue Reading

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Dalai Lama – There is a link between our physical and verbal actions and emotions

There is a link between our physical and verbal actions and emotions. If, instead of anger, hatred and suspicion, we are moved by loving-kindness, we will naturally have greater respect Continue Reading

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Daylesford Victoria – one of the highest proportions of gay couples.

Daylesford/Gaylesford, in country Victoria, is now one of the 10 places in Australia with the highest proportions of gay couples. ON FIRST glance it seems like any other historic Australian Continue Reading

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Legally Bi: The Inaugural Column

There are a lot of bi people out there. And a lot of lawyers. But bi lawyers? Are there really so many of us? As with every corner of society, Continue Reading

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How do you say GAY in Arabic?

How do you say gay in Arabic? You just don’t. Because gays don’t exist, or rather shouldn’t exist. Arabic has no single word to express the condition of people who Continue Reading

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The Different Kinds of Tops

Their logic in a Gay world seems typical to that of a straight guy. At the end of the day, I think people are fluid, and some just stick to Continue Reading

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Orlando Shooting Survivor says he has found Christ and is no longer gay.

A survivor of the June 2016 mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 people dead now says he has found Christ and is no longer Continue Reading

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Let’s Talk About Sexual Orientation!

Lets talk about sexual orientation, sometimes it’s used to include romantic orientation, the tendency to feel romantic attraction to certain kinds of people. Words for orientations involving non-binary people are, at this time in history, not satisfactorily developed or agreed upon.

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How Sexuality and experimentation can became intertwined’

By Bill Daley @ Chicago Tribune Crystal meth first came into Jon Hartman’s life when he was out one night with friends. It was just one of a number of party Continue Reading

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Guyliner shares his top 10 gay dating tips to help you bag a great date.

No matter your gender or sexual orientation, dating can seem like a minefield. Sometimes we meet the wrong people, choose a bad venue or fall head over heels with someone Continue Reading

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Australian Labor Party will ban gay conversion therapy if elected

A federally driven crackdown would be significant in Australia, where attempts to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity continue to exist but have largely been driven underground.Stamping Continue Reading

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Shania Twain’s advice for her LGBTI fans

Shania Twain has a very close relationship with LGBTI fans. Last year, she was the special guest at a Spotify event in New York City. When one fan asked: ‘If Continue Reading

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Is there a link between religious faith and Mental Health?

Research has demonstrated that a disproportionate number experience poorer mental health outcomes and have higher risk of suicidal behaviours than their peers. These health outcomes can directly related to experiences Continue Reading

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Bachelor in Paradise’s bi contestant ‘disappointed’ at queerbaiting

Bachelor in Paradise Australia’s first openly LGBTI contestant has broken her silence after the show copped backlash for ‘queerbaiting’. Megan Marx returned to The Bachelor reality TV franchise this year Continue Reading

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His Secret-Sex-Zones Revealed

You know how to work his body, but do you know how it works? The key to giving a guy maximum pleasure is using moves that make the most of Continue Reading

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High heels were originally made for men.

These boots were made for walking… More like made for men to be walking in

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Disclosing mental health in the workplace

Around 45% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 will experience a mental illness at some point in their life.

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Ending HIV/AIDS Starts With Our Youth

For those who have contracted HIV, comprehensive, culturally-competent care that addresses all aspects of health – including medical, sexual, and mental health; social support services; and substance use treatment.

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Why are we so judgmental around caring for your sexual health?

    As I climbed the stairs to the sexual health clinic, I felt as though I was going insane. With each step I promised myself that if I could Continue Reading

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Insta-Stud: Leigh Pitchford

While scrolling my Timehop the other day, I noticed it’s been six years since I visited Australia. I’m definitely overdue for another visit, though it’ll be tough to top that trip. Definite highlight was attending the DNA Mardi Gras party […]
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Meet The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Queens

We’re still in the thick of All-Stars Season 3, but VH1 has already begun promotion for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10. The network just revealed the queens competing on the reality show’s milestone tenth season. RuPaul is supersizing Season 10. […]
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Gus Kenworthy breaks thumb, relieved he doesn’t have to shake Mike Pence’s hand

Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy’s Winter Olympics medal hopes are in danger as he has broken his thumb.

The 2014 Olympic silver medalist in freestyle slopestyle skiing has said he broke the bone while practicing on the course in PyeongChang.

But the US athlete will not allow a small thing like a broken thumb to stop him from competing.

Kenworthy has confirmed he will take part in Sunday’s qualifying round for men’s slopstyle on Sunday (18 February).

Gus Kenworthy breaks thumb, will still compete

‘Broke my thumb yesterday in practice,’ he tweeted.

‘It won’t stop me from competing (obvi) but it does prevent me from shaking Pence’s hand so… Silver linings!

‘Will be giving my teammates (and literally everyone else) an enthusiastic “thumbs up!” of encouragement the rest of the trip.’

Broken thumbs might be painful, but they’re not an injury that can take a skier out of a major competition.

Canadian halfpipe skier Cassie Sharpe broke her thumb while competing in an X Games final. To modify, she taped her pole to her hand for the rest of the contest.

She won the bronze medal with one of those runs that came after the broken thumb.

So it is hoped Kenworthy will still be able to follow his success in Sochi.

Following up success in Sochi

Gus Kenworthy will fly the rainbow flag in Korea at the Winter Olympics

Gus Kenworthy will fly the rainbow flag in Korea at the Winter Olympics

While this may be Gus Kenworthy’s second Olympics, it is his first as being an openly gay athlete.

Winning a silver medal in Sochi, he said he felt ‘horrible’ about being closeted at the Russian Games.

He came out in 2015, and has become a high profile star.

‘Very proud to be heading to Korea on behalf of my family, my hometown, the USA and the LGBTQ community!!! Woohoo!!!’ he said.

He has already confirmed that he will not accept a White House invitation from Donald Trump.

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Varla Jean Merman shows off her muscle dad bod and we’re parched

Hello, daddy!
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Taye Diggs stuns Christina Aguilera with this ‘Candyman’ drag number

He’s just looking for his candyman.
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How PrEP’ed Are You?

PrEP: Short for “pre-exposure prophylaxis,” PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy in which HIV-negative people take an oral pill once a day before coming into contact with HIV to reduce their risk of HIV infection.

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