Home And Away teens Ty and Ryder share a same-sex kiss…

Home And Away teens Ty and Ryder share a same-sex kiss… 10 years after a lesbian smooch was pulled from broadcast after complaints.

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Travel industry is embracing the LGBTQ community

The travel industry has increasingly been courting LGBTQ customers with programming and packages. Their efforts have picked up during Pride month, but hotels and destinations have been pursuing the community Continue Reading

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Gay Self-Loathing Hasn’t Gone Away.

Not all queer stories need happy endings. But in the “Love, Simon” era, pessimistic stereotypes are little more than weightless relics.

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How Tech Companies Are Celebrating Pride Month

The tech community frequently boasts about its commitment to diversity, and this June’s LGBTQ Pride Month has provided the perfect opportunity for some of the biggest tech companies to prove Continue Reading

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“Put an end to violence and bring about peace”. DalaiLama

We may say prayers when we are trying to solve the problems we face, but it is up to us to put an end to violence and bring about peace. Creating peace is our responsibility. To pray for peace while still engaging in the causes that give rise to violence is contradictory

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“Victory” for Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump!

Donald Trump’s announcement to end military wargames with South Korea leaves former general ‘speechless’ [1] President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US would suspend military exercises with South Korea left Continue Reading

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“Ecosystem Services” – Paying for Mother Nature’s services

This Article is about natural capitalism which refers to the resources and services provided by nature. They are of enormous economic value – more so than the gross world product. Natural Continue Reading

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LGBT rainbow installation unveiled in Warsaw!

‘Unbreakable’ LGBT rainbow installation unveiled in Warsaw after far-Right attacks

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Mauritius Church Condemns Blocking Of Gay Rights March

The Catholic Church in Mauritius on Wednesday condemned the blocking of Saturday’s gay pride parade in the capital Port Louis by hostile Muslim protesters. “Regardless of one’s moral beliefs about Continue Reading

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Above & Beyond a Joke

Above & Beyond; Over & Above; Beyond a Joke. & more to the point: how long has this been going on??? Back in 2007, I tried to work out why Continue Reading

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Retired professional football player – Fighting Homophobia

This Gay Former NFL Player Is Using His Privilege To Fight Homophobia “It was moments of heaven and then moments of hell,” Wade Davis said of his time as a closeted pro football player.

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Concern for LGBTQ soccer fans 2018 at the World Cup!

Travel advisories for American soccer tourists on the State Department website warn of Russia’s 2013 laws against “gay propaganda,” which have spiked homophobic attacks, arrests, and killings over the past Continue Reading

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6 Ways to Meet Gay Men that Don’t Require Apps

Over the past 10 years I’ve been in a number of relationships, each of which began in a unique way. From the antiquated approach of creepily sending a friend request on Facebook to someone I didn’t know personally, to pursuing dates with what should have just been a Grindr hookup, I have met gay guys using a handful of methods, some of which have proven to yield better long-term outcomes than others.

Oddly enough, my current partner and I actually met at an afterhours party amidst hundreds of sweaty bodies, a relentless thumping bassline, and impressive strobe lights. Luckily for us, we quickly learned that our common interests span far beyond the occasional circuit party. While this situation is probably atypical given the circumstance, there is one factor that I believe contributed to the growth of our relationship – the fact that we were introduced by a mutual friend in an unassuming and casual environment. Having this similar circle of friends and acquaintances in addition to our mutually shared interests proved to be beneficial during the development of our relationship.

When it comes to long-term dating, I would argue that most of us prefer that “organic” feeling of meeting someone in person in a setting that doesn’t feel arranged or set-up. Although dating apps have made instantaneous communication with other gays alarmingly accessible and at our fingertips, these virtual environments don’t always cultivate the best opportunities for an engagement that’s longer lasting than a fun hookup. So, where then do we turn to meet other gays? How can we position ourselves in a way that makes us likely to meet other guys who align with our motivations, interests, and behaviors?

1. Join a Gay Sports League

Most major cities have them. Whether you are into dodgeball, volleyball, or generally enjoy any sport that involves balls near and around your face, there is likely a gay league that will meet your interest. These teams are obvious outlets for people to enjoy the sport or activity in question, but they also provide an excellent way for guys to meet others with shared interests. In West Hollywood, for example, the Gay Varsity Dodgeball League has taken on a seemingly cult-like following, with team members organizing regular nights out after matches, parties, and other fun stuff.

2. Volunteer at a Local LGBT Nonprofit

Many cities also offer guys the opportunity to get involved by volunteering at the local level with their LGBT community, which often proves to be a perfect way to meet other men with shared interests. For example, the Impulse Group has local chapters in cities all over the United States (and globally), offering active gay men a way to help promote sexual health and wellness by producing fun and informative events, organizing talks, and sometimes throwing parties. Groups like these often have their own retreats, get-togethers, and organize events that are perfect for meeting other friendly people.

3. Find Cool Meetup Events

Meetup is an app that allows users to organize their own events based on interest, hobby, sport, and more. Many of the existing groups have tons of members and weekly meetups, while others are smaller and meet less frequently. There are a ton of diverse LGBT-oriented groups on the platform – for example, this San Francisco LGBT Dungeons and Dragons group. Check it out – there might just be a group that fits your niche interest!

4. Attend Gay Pride Celebration Parties

This is definitely a more obvious option seeing as the chances of meeting other gay guys at pride events are rather high. That being said, the craziness and high-volume crowds that often accompany these events often deter people from attending, and these are valid concerns. Therefore, if you’re trying to avoid the mainstream madness of the actual parade or festival, seek out the private parties that often accompany a pride weekend in any given major city. For example, pride in Los Angeles often involved a daytime pool party at the Andaz in West Hollywood on pride Saturday. San Diego pride also offers a plethora of fun ticketed events as well, such as the vibrant Zoo Party.

5. Organize LGBTQ Heritage Month for Your Work Organization

If you are openly out at work, a great way to meet other queer men and women would be to organize an LGBTQ Heritage Month. LGBTQ Heritage Month (often called LGBTQ History Month) occurs every June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that occurred in June, 1969. Some workplaces honor this month by sending out a weekly email blast that commemorates individuals who helped shape our community, culture, or fought for equal rights. For example, many workplaces choose to showcase individuals like Harvey Milk, Freddy Mercury, and even RuPaul! If your work currently doesn’t celebrate LGBTQ History Month (and they are open and accepting of LGBTQ people), you should consider organizing one yourself. You never know who from your workplace might volunteer to join you!

6. Attend an Event at a Gay Coffee Shop

Unlike heading to the bar and hoping to make an intimate connection with someone in the midst of drinking and debauchery, coffee shops cultivate the perfect atmosphere to have real conversations with people who are not intoxicated. Gay coffeeshops exist all over the country that cater to people from the LGBTQ community, such as Wicked Grounds in San Francisco, Equal Grounds in Rochester NY, and the infamous Starbucks in West Hollywood.

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The Real Armageddon

Armageddon is the biblical battleground where the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) meets the BRICS-aligned nations in the Levant. As Syria and Iraq have become the global focal point of the intensifying WW3, the true meaning of the Biblical Megiddo comes into sharper relief.

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Gay Men Kissing will be reported to police

Gay Men Kissing At Russia’s World Cup Will be Reported to Police, Say Cossacks.

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Double standard for “lying homophobe”

Michael Lucas, a gay adult film actor and director, is criticizing “hypocrisy” and what he calls a “double standard” in the entertainment industry when it comes to offensive language or Continue Reading

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Zander Hodgson come out about his relationship with Troy Pes

Zander Hodgson and Troy Pes might be the hottest couple in the modelling world these days – not just because they’re handsome, but because they keep indulging us with nude photos. And now, Zander “catches” his boyfriend… in the shower.

Back in April, 27-year-old Zander Hodgson, a model and actor who you might have seen on TV shows Coronation Street and Ray Donovan, came out as gay in an emotional video. A short while later, he made his relationship with fellow model Troy Pes “Instagram official”.

Then, we saw their bubbly butts at the Box Canyon in California, along with a multitude of other adorable photos. Now, in a photo captioned “I spy a cutie pie”, Zander gives us this shower peek (make sure you tap and swipe – there are two photos) –

Instagram Photo

Will Troy retaliate?

Instagram Photo

We’ll keep watching, of course.

Instagram Photo

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“ABC does not tolerate comments… by Roseanne Barr”

What does Trump mean “comments like those made by Roseanne Barr”. I would hope that ABC does not tolerate comments like that from anyone? Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Continue Reading

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Is your brand socially conscious?

Customers, especially millennials, want to know a company is doing something good with their money and making a difference in the world.

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Personal experience and the wider society

The Sociological Imagination is a book written by sociologist C. Wright Mills and published in 1959. The sociological imagination is simply a “quality of mind” that allows one to grasp “history and biography Continue Reading

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The Truth About Fake News

Verified, fact-based information is presumed to be an important feature in society, for citizens individually and for democratic governance as a whole. During much the 20th century, legacy news media Continue Reading

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“Pink washing”: A Marketing Stunt or An Economic Revolution?

Pinkwashing is a portmanteau compound word of the words pink and whitewashing. In the context of LGBT rights, it is used to describe a variety of marketing and political strategies Continue Reading

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Uncut Hollywood: 6 Intact Stars Who Showed It ALL On The Big Screen

It’s quite rare for male stars in mainstream movies and TV shows to show their penis in all its glory. And it’s even more rare to see an uncut one, especially in American movies – but, surprise – they do exist. Some figures state that more than 80% of Americans are circumcised. While there’s no official […]

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Four men acquitted of murdering a gay, HIV+ man in India

Four men accused of conspiring to murder a man because of his HIV status have had their murder charges dropped. The victim known only as Anil, 38, was found murdered Continue Reading

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Sam Smith: ‘I’m so proud to be gay’

Sam Smith just took to social media with the most fabulous sparkly outfit imaginable. The Pray singer posted a photo of himself on Instagram in a red jacket, heels and Continue Reading

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Trump using “biological sex” to determine how transgender prisoners are assigned housing

Life just got harder for transgender prisoners after the Trump administration revoked Obama-era guidance protecting them from rape and violence from other prisoners. The administration has ordered the Bureau of Continue Reading

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Israel Folau’s says that “gay people were destined for hell.”

Rugby Australia chief Raelene Castle said the row over Israel Folau’s anti-gay sentiments was the biggest challenge of her career, as a former Wallaby slammed the fullback as a “religious Continue Reading

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Russia has banned a website on HIV education under its gay ‘propaganda’ rules

Last month, Russia shut down its longest-running gay website,, and now they’ve closed down another website. Parni PLUS is a website that runs articles on HIV and other LGBTQ- Continue Reading

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Daylesford Victoria – one of the highest proportions of gay couples.

Daylesford/Gaylesford, in country Victoria, is now one of the 10 places in Australia with the highest proportions of gay couples. ON FIRST glance it seems like any other historic Australian Continue Reading

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Man charged over alleged assault of gay couple in Sydney

Two photos. The first is of Kurt and Adrian, they're sitting down wearing hoodies against a white wall. The other photo is a grainy shot of a man

Police have found and charged a man after the alleged assault of a gay couple in Sydney last week.

Kurt Johnson and Adrian Kalaiziovksi got out of an Uber in an inner-city suburb last week, when the man allegedly started hurling homophobic slurs at them.

After an altercation with the men, he then returned and allegedly physically assaulted them. Paramedics took Kalaiziovksi to the nearby Prince Alfred Hospital with a broken arm.

Five days after the incident police arrested and charged a 28-year-old man with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The man was granted conditional bail to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on 28 May.

Shortly after the incident Johnson launched an appeal online to help track down his husband’s attacker.

Report hate crimes to police

New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Crandell said the men’s quick response in reporting the incident helped to track down the alleged criminal.

‘I think the victim in this matter did an extremely good job of recording the incident; and maintaining early communication with local police to identify a suspect for further investigation,’ Crandell told Gay Star News after the incident.

‘Whilst there are universal precautions that can be taken by potential victims of crime like staying in well lit areas and among groups of people where possible, the circumstances of this matter simply shows a good positive reaction, including the recording of a person’s image as the basis for further police investigation.

‘I could not ask or expect more from any victim of violence.’

Crandell said hate crimes had decreased in Sydney, but if they do happen, people should report them to police.

‘I am always concerned about acts of violence and even more so when abuse is accompanied by vilification and bias related comments surrounding a person’s sexual orientation,’ he said.

‘Acts of violence in the circumstances described are especially distasteful. Bias crimes motivated by discrimination regarding a person’s sexuality or gender identity is never acceptable.’

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Olly Murs Celebrates By Getting Naked

Popular British singer and The Voice judge, Olly Murs, is back to his no-holds-barred antics – getting naked on Instagram, with a football cup to hide his, well… it doesn’t Continue Reading

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The Theology of Westboro: The “World’s Meanest Church”

Westboro Baptist Church is an American church known for its use of inflammatory hate speech, especially against LGBT+ people, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Jews, Romani people, and U.S. soldiers. The Continue Reading

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Freedom of Speech Pros and Cons List

Freedom simply means power. Freedom of speech involves laws and regulations that grants a person or a citizen of a particular country the right to talk openly. Naturally, almost all Continue Reading

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Australian Cardinal, George Pell standing trial on Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Australia’s Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse — the nation’s highest form of inquiry — revealed last year that 7 percent of Catholic priests were accused of Continue Reading

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Hawaii Becomes 12th State To Ban Controversial Practice

Hawaii Bans Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors, Becomes 12th State To Ban Controversial Practice Some religious groups claim that practice is a form of religious expression protected by the First Continue Reading

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Australia’s Royal Commission inquiry into institutionalised child abuse cases.

On 12 November 2012 the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced that she would recommend to the Governor-General that a Royal Commission be appointed to inquire into institutional responses to Continue Reading

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Australian Labor Party will ban gay conversion therapy if elected

A federally driven crackdown would be significant in Australia, where attempts to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity continue to exist but have largely been driven underground.Stamping Continue Reading

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Shania Twain’s advice for her LGBTI fans

Shania Twain has a very close relationship with LGBTI fans. Last year, she was the special guest at a Spotify event in New York City. When one fan asked: ‘If Continue Reading

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Is there a link between religious faith and Mental Health?

Research has demonstrated that a disproportionate number experience poorer mental health outcomes and have higher risk of suicidal behaviours than their peers. These health outcomes can directly related to experiences Continue Reading

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Bachelor in Paradise’s bi contestant ‘disappointed’ at queerbaiting

Bachelor in Paradise Australia’s first openly LGBTI contestant has broken her silence after the show copped backlash for ‘queerbaiting’. Megan Marx returned to The Bachelor reality TV franchise this year Continue Reading

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Discrimination – It’s not about wedding cake

My Rainbow Social can help you find a baker who will not discriminate! Did you hear about the baker who refused to make a gay couple a wedding cake?

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Activists Beaten after a decision to Decriminalize Homosexuality in Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago is set to decriminalize homosexuality following a judge’s ruling on Thursday that the laws are unconstitutional. A victory was scored yesterday for the Continue Reading

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Grindr Under Fire for Sharing HIV Status of Users!

Gay dating app Grindr has confirmed it has shared the HIV status of its users with outside firms – but declined to issue an apology.

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Suitsupply Takes A Hit On Social Media After Gay-Inclusive Ad Campaign

Suitsupply is a men’s fashion brand from Amsterdam founded by Fokke de Jong. Just the other day, the international tailor debuted a terrific gay-inclusive ad campaign featuring some male model on male model kissing. While many found it fantastic, not […]
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Insta-Stud: Leigh Pitchford

While scrolling my Timehop the other day, I noticed it’s been six years since I visited Australia. I’m definitely overdue for another visit, though it’ll be tough to top that trip. Definite highlight was attending the DNA Mardi Gras party […]
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Paramount Network Premieres The Pilot Episode Of ‘Heathers’ Reboot Early

Oh my clit!!! Officially, the Heathers reboot doesn’t premiere on the Paramount Network, formerly known as Spike, until March 7. However, the network has been kind enough to share the first episode early. What a great way to kick off […]
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Janelle Monáe Returns To Music With Two Killer Music Videos

The past few years, Janelle Monáe has focused most of her attention on her rising acting career. She scored big with the one-two punch of Moonlight and Hidden Figures and can next be seen in Robert Zemeckis’ The Women of […]
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Meet The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Queens

We’re still in the thick of All-Stars Season 3, but VH1 has already begun promotion for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10. The network just revealed the queens competing on the reality show’s milestone tenth season. RuPaul is supersizing Season 10. […]
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Gus Kenworthy breaks thumb, relieved he doesn’t have to shake Mike Pence’s hand

Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy’s Winter Olympics medal hopes are in danger as he has broken his thumb.

The 2014 Olympic silver medalist in freestyle slopestyle skiing has said he broke the bone while practicing on the course in PyeongChang.

But the US athlete will not allow a small thing like a broken thumb to stop him from competing.

Kenworthy has confirmed he will take part in Sunday’s qualifying round for men’s slopstyle on Sunday (18 February).

Gus Kenworthy breaks thumb, will still compete

‘Broke my thumb yesterday in practice,’ he tweeted.

‘It won’t stop me from competing (obvi) but it does prevent me from shaking Pence’s hand so… Silver linings!

‘Will be giving my teammates (and literally everyone else) an enthusiastic “thumbs up!” of encouragement the rest of the trip.’

Broken thumbs might be painful, but they’re not an injury that can take a skier out of a major competition.

Canadian halfpipe skier Cassie Sharpe broke her thumb while competing in an X Games final. To modify, she taped her pole to her hand for the rest of the contest.

She won the bronze medal with one of those runs that came after the broken thumb.

So it is hoped Kenworthy will still be able to follow his success in Sochi.

Following up success in Sochi

Gus Kenworthy will fly the rainbow flag in Korea at the Winter Olympics

Gus Kenworthy will fly the rainbow flag in Korea at the Winter Olympics

While this may be Gus Kenworthy’s second Olympics, it is his first as being an openly gay athlete.

Winning a silver medal in Sochi, he said he felt ‘horrible’ about being closeted at the Russian Games.

He came out in 2015, and has become a high profile star.

‘Very proud to be heading to Korea on behalf of my family, my hometown, the USA and the LGBTQ community!!! Woohoo!!!’ he said.

He has already confirmed that he will not accept a White House invitation from Donald Trump.

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Pretextual Failure to Promote Produce Worker Is a Recipe for Disaster

HR professionals are all too familiar with the McDonnell-Douglas burden-shifting standard for establishing discrimination from circumstantial evidence. Under the standard, an employee presents a prima facie (minimally sufficient) case that he belongs to a protected class and suffered an adverse action. The employer then presents a legitimate nondiscriminatory reason for its action, and he in turn tries to prove its stated reason is merely a pretext (false excuse) for discrimination.discrimination

Each McDonnell-Douglas burden-shifting case is highly fact-specific, and—notwithstanding nearly 45 years of case law applying the standard—reasonable minds still disagree on how much evidence is required to support a finding of pretext. A recent case before the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals— which covers Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming—demonstrates how tricky such situations can be.

What’s the Big Dill?

“Mike,” who is originally from Nigeria, is a naturalized U.S. citizen who recently experienced the ambiguity of the McDonnell-Douglas standard firsthand. “Neil,” the director of distribution at Safeway’s Denver distribution center, hired Mike to work in the produce warehouse in October 2004. During his employment, Mike furthered his education, earning a second bachelor’s degree (in finance) and an MBA. At some point, apparently following a complaint of discrimination, Neil promoted him to supervisor. The performance of the produce warehouse improved under his watch.

Despite his education, work experience, and achievements on the job, Mike was never able to rise higher up the management chain. In 2012, he applied for two open manager positions. In each case, Neil hired a white male instead.

Mike filed suit in the U.S. District Court of Colorado, alleging that Safeway discriminated against him because of his race, color, and national origin when it failed to hire him for either manager position. The district court rejected his claims and awarded summary judgment (dismissal without trial) to Safeway under the McDonnell-Douglas standard.

Mike’s allegations satisfied his prima facie burden, but Safeway argued it had a legitimate reason for not hiring him. It claimed it had hired other candidates with “far greater potential for success” and “more relevant warehouse management and leadership skills,” and it was concerned about his “leadership and communication skills.” The district court concluded he hadn’t presented sufficient evidence for a jury to conclude that the company’s justifications were pretextual.

It Ain’t Over Lentil It’s Over!

Dissatisfied with the result, Mike appealed the district court’s decision to the 10th Circuit. The appeals court revisited six types of pretext evidence he had presented:

(1) Job qualifications. An employee can show pretext through evidence of a sham review of a rejected candidate or unreasonable denigration of the rejected candidate’s qualifications but inflation of the successful candidate’s qualifications. In this case, the 10th Circuit concluded a reasonable juror could find that Mike, with his two bachelor’s degrees and MBA, was better educated than either manager Safeway hired. One didn’t have a college degree but had 20 years of experience in the Denver distribution center (10 as a supervisor), and the other—an external candidate with warehouse management experience at Chrysler and previous experience at a different Safeway distribution center—only had a bachelor’s degree in business.

Evidence that Mike met his individual and departmental goals and increased efficiency as a supervisor in the produce warehouse established that he had the experience and demonstrated performance to qualify him for the job. In fact, Safeway’s internal talent acquisitions team identified him as a candidate who should be considered for the manager openings, but Neil refused even to interview him.

(2) Procedural irregularities. Disturbing irregularities in employment procedures can also establish pretext. In this case, evidence showed that Safeway typically preferred managerial candidates with a college degree in logistics or business.

However, Neil acknowledged he had authority to—and did—modify the qualifications for the manager positions, limiting the preferred degree to logistics (not business) and allowing work experience to substitute for education. The 10th Circuit concluded that a reasonable juror could believe that these changes were made to rig the process against Mike’s superior educational background.

(3) Past treatment. An employer’s past treatment of an employee can be evidence of unlawful bias or animus, but stray racial comments aren’t admissible unless they’re tied to the personnel decisions or the decision makers. In this case, there was evidence that Neil had treated Mike worse than other employees and had made some remarks that could be perceived as race or national origin-based—such as telling him that his coworkers don’t perceive him well and that in the States, perception is reality; or saying “You can’t call me racist because I hired you.” Because these comments were made by the decision maker, a juror could consider them as evidence of pretext.

(4) Differential treatment. Differential treatment of similarly situated individuals is “especially relevant” to measuring the validity of an employer’s stated justification. In this case, Neil said he wouldn’t promote Mike because the produce warehouse had been underperforming for 10 years and because he struggled to control absenteeism and occupational injuries and had poor relations with coworkers. But one of the manager positions was filled by an internal candidate from the same underperforming warehouse who had been counseled about absenteeism and injury issues and didn’t get along with some employees. This differential treatment cast doubt on the veracity of Safeway’s justifications.

(5) Use of subjective criteria. The use of subjective criteria—such as the “potential for success” and “leadership and communication skills” standards used here—isn’t enough by itself to establish an inference of discrimination. But when such malleable criteria are the basis for an adverse employment action, their use can magnify the inferences raised from other evidence.

(6) Minority employment. A general policy or practice with respect to a disadvantaged group can also support other evidence of pretext. In this case, the Denver distribution center hadn’t had any African-American managers during Mike’s tenure with the company, and there hadn’t been any African-American supervisors until he was promoted (following a complaint of discrimination).

The 10th Circuit acknowledged that any one of those factors alone might be insufficient to establish pretext. But viewed properly all together, the court held that the evidence was sufficient for a reasonable juror to disbelieve Safeway’s explanations for not promoting Mike. It thus reversed summary judgment for Safeway and sent the case back to the district court for further proceedings.

Meat and Potatoes

This case is a reminder that the line between legitimate and pretextual actions can be razor thin—here, even the courts disagreed. But it also underscores the importance of HR best practices that weren’t followed here (such as consistency in job descriptions and hiring protocols) and the value of job-placement audits that might identify and allow you to address potential biased decision makers before you face a lawsuit.

Charles McClellan—a partner with Foulston Siefkin—is a contributor to Kansas Employment Law Letter. You can reach him at (316) 291-9764

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Future Friday: Merging AI and workers

For those of you that are frightened by the prospect of a robotic future, where your job, even your life has been taken over by artificial intelligence you can relax

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Death threats sent to Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black for announcing baby

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have announced they are having a baby

Death threats are being sent to married couple Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black following the announcement of their baby.

The Olympic star and Oscar-winning screenwriter chose Valentine’s Day as the perfect time to reveal a picture of an ultrasound scan.

But now internet trolls are trashing the couple, with some even sending hideous threats online.

Death threats sent to Tom and Dustin for announcing baby

‘Die f*gs,’ one said on Instagram.

‘Your choices will lead you to hell,’ another said. ‘Your choices will speed your way to the Devil’s kingdom!’

Others said the couple should be ‘put to death’ for involving children in a rainbow family.

‘Do not involve previous children in your sin! The baby should stay with the mother and be brought up in a normal home!’

‘Sickness leads to sickness!’

And other trolls were just biologically and factually inaccurate.

‘Children born of gays are more likely to have Down’s [syndrome]!’ one said. ‘Sickness leads to sickness!’

Another said: ‘Did one of you have to get a womb transplant??’

And some just couldn’t spell.

‘Repent at cross of Christ 4 ur idolatory homo sin,’ another said.

Attacked on the radio after baby news

It’s not just internet trolls either. On LBC, one host derided the couple as ‘sinister’.

‘Is there something sinister about the woman’s exclusion in this scenario?’ the radio station tweeted.

Listeners slammed the debate.

Richard Littlejohn in Daily Mail goes on transphobic and homophobic rant

And in today’s Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn attacked Daley and Black.

Under the heading, ‘Please don’t pretend two dads is the new normal’, he went on a homophobic and transphobic rant in his column.

Littlejohn accused the couple of treating a baby like a ‘fashion accessory’ and seeing the woman as a ‘breeding machine’.

He also referenced a trans woman who had hoped to breast feed as a ‘he/she’.

‘Someone in possession of a full set of wedding tackle is a man, not a woman,’ he said.

He concluded: ‘Stop pretending this is the new normal. Not in our house, it isn’t. Nor, I suspect, in yours or 99.99% of the rest of the world, either.

‘Still I’m looking forward to the photos of Tom Daley breast-feeding his new baby.’

But there’s a lot of support for Tom and Dustin

Thankfully, largely the majority of the comments directed at the couple have been supportive.

Just one of several tweets reads: ‘Congratulations! I love you both and you will be the greatest family!’

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Nobody wants to do Aceh’s marathon because of the way it has treated LGBTI people

Promotional shot of one man and two women posing as if they're about to start running

The Governor of the conservative Indonesian province of Aceh admits its recent stint in the international news may be the reason very few people have signed up for a local marathon.

Aceh is the only province in the majority Muslim Indonesia that is allowed to practice the strict Sharia Law.

The province has come under fire for its treatment of LGBTI people.

Most recently, 12 trans women were rounded up from hair salons across North Aceh. Their hair was forcibly shaved by police who also demanded they ‘live like men’ before releasing them from custody.

In 2017, two men in their early twenties were sentenced to caning for being gay and sodomy. They received 82 lashings, which was the first time anyone had been convicted of homosexuality in Indonesia.

Even Aceh politicians have spoken out against the LGBTI community. Last week, federal politician Muslim Ayub said he believed LGBTI should be sentenced to death or jailed for life.

Aceh marathon

In an attempt to boost tourism to the area, Aceh hosts an annual marathon but only 200 people have registered so far. Organizers were hoping to attract 4,000 people to the race.

Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf admitted the low number of registrations might have something to do with the province’s treatment of LGBTI people. He conceded the controversy of forcing Muslim flight attendants to wear hijabs when they fly in to Aceh might have something to do with it as well.

‘It’s because of misunderstandings about the clothing, it’s [taking place in] Sabang, we do not require all female runners to wear hijab or male runners to wear turbans,’ Irwandi told Kompas.

The marathon will be held in the idyllic northern area, Sabang. That part of Aceh has more relaxed rules for foreigners. But clearly, that has not convinced people to compete in the Aceh Marathon.

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Religious groups appeal same-sex marriage ruling in Taiwan

Taiwan women celebrating same-sex marriage Chinese lesbian

Religious groups in Taiwan have lodged an appeal against a court ruling ordering the government to legalize same-sex marriage.

In May last year Taiwan became the first country in Asia to give the green light to marriage equality. The Constitutional Court ruled Taiwan’s Constitution was discriminatory against same-sex couples. It ordered the parliament to legislate in favor of marriage equality within two years.

Advocates had hoped marriage equality would be legal by the end of 2017, but the matter has been delayed.

The most recent twist in the marriage equality saga is an appeal by a coalition of religious groups to the Taiwan High Administrative Court. They want the Constitutional Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage thrown out.

Led by the Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of the Family submitted a petition to the court on Valentine’s Day.

It was their second attempt at an appeal after a court threw out their first appeal in January, according to a report in the Taipei Times.

Anti-marriage equality protestors stood outside the court. They held placards that read: ‘The gay rights movement is devouring Taiwan’. Another one read: ‘once these discriminatory laws are approved, people will have no freedom of speech and no religious freedom’.

The leader of the Alliance, Chang Shou-yi, said it was filing the petition because it believed the Constitutional Court’s ruling was unlawful.

‘The interpretation and the reasons given by the Council of Grand Justices in its ruling contravene articles of the Constitution,’ he told the Taipei Times.

‘Therefore, we ask the High Administrative Court judges to have the conscience and moral integrity to rule on our appeal through their own independent stance, and not to cave in to political influence and forces of intimidation, and to reach a decision conforming to the freedoms and values of our democratic society.’

Referendum on marriage equality

Unrelenting in its attempts to prevent marriage equality from happening the Alliance also applied to the Central Election Commission to hold a referendum on the issue.

It started a petition to hold a referendum asking: ‘Do you agree that the government should keep the current definition of marriage as between a man and a woman and pass a separate law to protect the right of a same-sex couple to live together?’

The petition received 3,549 signatures. The group needed a minimum of 1,879 signatures to be approved for review.

The Election Commission will now review proposal. If the proposal is approved it would need a further 281,745 signatures to become a formal referendum.

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Celebrities, Journalists and Politicians Take to Twitter Following Today’s Tragic Florida School Shooting

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If You Care About America at All, Watch This Video of Olympic Hottie Chris Mazdzer Deepthroating Pizza

If You Care About America at All, Watch This Video of Olympic Hottie Chris Mazdzer Deepthroating Pizza

Chris Mazdzer

The luger and silver medalist at the 2018 Winter Olympics has an even greater talent that will leave you speechless (and potentially turned on)

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If You Have a Spare $2.15 Million, You Can Buy One of Seattle’s Last Gay Bathhouses

If You Have a Spare $2.15 Million, You Can Buy One of Seattle’s Last Gay Bathhouses

club z

Would you like to buy a bathhouse? Seattle’s Club Z is regularly named the best one in the city, but its building has just gone on sale for $2.15 million

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Here’s how LGBTI celebrities are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year

Andy Mientus and Michael Arden for Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, a celebrated 24-hours of love, romance, and affection.

LGBTI celebrities are celebrating the day in their own way, with their families and partners.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black perhaps won the day with their news of welcoming a baby, but the rest will make you smile too.

So here are some of the best Valentine’s Day posts from LGBTI celebs this year.

1. Neil Patrick Harris

NPH's Valentine's celebrations.

NPH’s Valentine’s celebrations. | Photo: Instagram @NPH

Neil Patrick Harris spent the day with his children.

2. Andy Mientus and Michael Arden

Andy Mientus and Michael Arden.

Andy Mientus and Michael Arden. | Photo: Instagram @andymientus

Meanwhile, Andy Mientus got a little sappier and wrote a lovely caption for husband Michael Arden.

Because of this guy I know sign language, live in a church, have an opinion about overhead lighting, know where to get coffee in London, appreciate jalapeño and pineapple pizza, floss, keep nothing under the bed, and know all the words to A Case of You, among other things. You make me expect more from myself and the life I lead. I don’t need a special day to say that. In fact, we both know how this day usually turns out. But I mean it today and every day. Happy Valentine’s Day x

3. Ellen Page and Emma Portner

Ellen Page and Emma Portner sharing a kiss.

Page and Emma Portner sharing a kiss. | Photo: Instagram @EllenPage

Ellen Page posted a photo sharing a kiss with her new wife, Emma Portner.

She also wrote: ‘Holy shit I love you so much.’

4. Hannah Hart and Ella Mielniczenko

Hannah Hart and Ella Mielniczenko.

Hannah Hart and Ella Mielniczenko. | Photo: Instagram @harto

Here’s YouTube star and author Hannah Hart with her girlfriend, BuzzFeed producer Ella Mielniczenko.

Hart’s message to her bae: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my down-ass bb who I’m always trying to smooch.’

Mielniczenko shared her own adorable photo.

Hannah Hart and Ella Mielniczenko.

Hannah Hart and Ella Mielniczenko. | Photo: Instagram @heyyyella

‘One good girl is worth a thousand bitches❤ Happy Valentine’s day.’

5. Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers

Greg Berlanti.

Greg Berlanti. | Photo: Instagram @robbierogers

Soccer star Robbie Rogers shared a dapper photo of husband Greg Berlanti.

‘My forever Valentine ❤ @gberlanti the most beautiful, kind, brilliant man. Caleb and I are so lucky.’

Meanwhile, Rogers shared a picture of a smooch with his son.

Greg Berlanti and his son.

Greg Berlanti and his son. | Photo: Instagram @gberlanti

6. Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau

Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau.

The happy couple. | Photo: Instagram @mrcheyennejackson

Cheyenne Jackson to his husband Jason Landau: ‘Find a Valentine that can do both. I did. Love you @jasonrlandau. You’re my favorite every single day and the best father a kid (or two) could hope for. Te Amo.’

7. Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan

Miles McMillan and Zachary Quinto.

Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan. | Photo: Instagram @zacharyquinto

Quinto says there’s no one he’d rather be beside than partner McMillan.

8. Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

Rhea Butcher.

Rhea Butcher. | Photo: Instagram @cameronesposito

Cameron Esposito’s post for Rhea Butcher: ‘Happy Val’s Day, @rheabutcher. Of all the Terminators & John Connors in the world, i like u the best.’

Meanwhile, Butcher called Esposito her own personal Egon.

Cameron Esposito.

Cameron Esposito. | Photo: Instagram @rheabutcher

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Aceh has just banned trans women working in hair salons

Screenshots of trans women arrested by police

Aceh –  the only province in Indonesia to rule with Islamic Sharia Law – has furthered its clampdown on the LGBTI community, this time banning trans women from working in hair salons.

Working in hair salons is one of the few sources of income for trans women. In Indonesia, trans women are are also known as waria.

The district of Aceh Bersa, which includes the local capital Banda Aceh, issued the ordered on Friday 9 February.

The order stated that any beauty business owned by a waria or employed warias would face a penalty.

‘The circular is true, and soon we will meet with all district heads to pull together data on salons in Aceh Besar,’ said Aceh Besar chief, Ali Mawardi. 

‘If we find that [a salon] employs waria, we will pull its permit.’

Mawardi also told Kumparan that his local government prohibited any actions or behaviors that contravened the province’s Sharia Law. He included being LGBTI as an illegal activity in Aceh.

His order came a day before a public seminar was held in Aceh to warn people of the looming dangers coming from the LGBTI community.

Aceh Besar was in the news recently after Mawardi ordered all female Muslim flight attendants to wear hijabs when flying into the province.

Aceh’s history of LGBTI persecution

The conservative Islamic province has been one of the worst perpetrators in Indonesia’s increasing persecution of the LGBTI community.

Last year it became the first place in Indonesia to cane men for being gay.

The two men aged in their early twenties were charged with homosexuality and sodomy. Their public caning – in which they received 82 lashes – drew international condemnation.

Trans women have also been the target of authorities in Aceh.

In December last year, a group of waria were followed by vigilantes and then detained by police without explanation after attending a birthday party. They were released the following day.

Earlier this year in a incident that may have prompted the waria hair salon ban, 12 trans women were rounded up from five different hairs salons.

They had their hair forcibly shaved and were made to wear men’s clothes. Police remanded them in custody to train them into behaving like men again, including shouting until they sounded like men.

The women were released a few days later on the condition they lived like men.

Late last week, one of the province’s federal politicians, Muslim Ayub, called for the death penalty or life in jail for LGBTI people.

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Openly Gay Team USA Skater Adam Rippon Brings Home a Bronze Medal

Openly Gay Team USA Skater Adam Rippon Brings Home a Bronze Medal

adam rippon bronze

When the Olympic medals for team figure skating were handed out, Canada got gold, Russia silver and Team USA won bronze

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Posh Spice Says Yes, the Spice Girls Are Reuniting, but No, That Doesn’t Include a Tour

Posh Spice Says Yes, the Spice Girls Are Reuniting, but No, That Doesn’t Include a Tour

spice girls tour

While our hearts were aflutter at the reunion news, according to Victoria Beckham, a new Spice Girls tour is not in the cards

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Joy Reid Shuts Down Another Conservafool

When are these conservafools going to learn not to step to Joy Reid with their ‘alternative facts’ because she will call them on it?

My media shero once again had to shut down an attempt by a conservative to spread disinformation on her show.   This time it was Amy Tarkanian, the former head of the Nevada Republican Party, trying desperately to spin and defend Trump from Reid calling out the pattern of being drawn to abusive Republican men and not calling them out on it.

As you probably guessed, Joy wasn’t having it.   Reid challenged Tarkanian to come up with just one instance that Trump defended a woman who had accused a Republican male of sexual assault or abuse. 

And as you probably guessed, Tarkanian couldn’t do it.   Enjoy the video

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Olympic Thirst Trap: 12 Hot Shots of U.S. Luge Silver Medalist Chris Mazdzer

Instagram Photo

Folks watching the Olympics on Sunday saw 29-year-old U.S. Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer hurtle down the ice chute at silver medal speed, making him the first American luger to win a medal at any Winter Games.

They may have also noticed that he’s uh, insanely smokin’ hot. He’s a great cliff diver. And just look at the fit of that body suit.

You may have already noticed him taking off that uniform this week for Cosmo. Video HERE.

men team usa

Here’s a shameless round-up of your future husband from his own Instagram.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

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Bhutan’s first openly gay couple get nothing but love from the public

Tenzin Gyeltshen and Deyon Phuntsho in a selfie pose

Bhutan’s first openly gay couple were worried about the public’s response when they came out.

But Deyon Phuntsho and Tenzin Gyeltshen have received nothing but love since they revealed publicly that they were boyfriends in January.

‘After the story went viral, we’ve been receiving calls, video calls and messages from our friends on social media, wishing us well and applauding us for our bravery and faith,’ Deyon told The Bhutanese.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked hermit nation in South Asia. It pioneered the ‘Gross Happiness Index’. The Index measures the collective happiness and well-being of its population.

Homosexual relations are illegal in Bhutan. Article 213 of Bhutan’s Penal Code, outlaws ‘unnatural sex, if the defendant engages in sodomy or any other sexual conduct that is against the order of nature’.

Bhutan is a Buddhist nation, a religion that tends to be more accepting of the LGBTI community.

But this does not mean LGBTI people do not suffer from discrimination and poor mental health outcomes

The Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) survey revealed a high number of LGBTI people have attempted suicide.

The survey also found that a shocking 70% of the LGBTI population resorts to drug and alcohol use to deal with discrimination and stigma.

Deyon and Tenzin’s love story

The couple are very involved with Bhutanese LGBTI organizations. Deyon is an outreach worker at a HIV organization and is the deputy coordinator for LGBTI network, Rainbow Bhutan: Celebrating Diversity,

They met on social media and spoke online before deciding to meet in person.

‘I think this is what love is all about,’ Deyon said.

‘We fell in love with one another’s soul and this I feel is what people should really understand. Love is not about sex, gender or creed.

‘It’s all about the soul inside you.’

The men said coming out to their families was the biggest challenge when coming out.

‘Although I was petrified, I needed to come out, but I was very surprised when I got a positive response from them and my mother said, “you are still my son”,’ Denyon said.

‘They also asked me about my partner, Tenzin and accepted our relationship too.

‘On Tenzin’s part, his family also accepted us and invites me during family gatherings.’

The couple are busy working on LGBTI issues in Bhutan, but hope to one day start their own family. By doing so, they believe it will help raise awareness that LGBTI people can have families too.

‘Adopting a baby is a huge responsibility but we do want to raise a family,’ Denyon said.

‘People have this idea that gay, lesbian or transgender can’t have a family simply because we can’t give birth but they don’t realize that blood doesn’t make a family, its love.

‘Everyone has a dream and mine is to have a regular family. To have someone call you his or her father would be the best gift of my life.’

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Trans man wins China’s first illegal dismissal case amid calls for anti-discrimination laws

A court in China ruled in favor of a trans man who sued his employer for unfair dismissal after he was sacked for wearing men’s clothes.

Known as Mr C, he was fired from his job a week after starting at the health center in Guizhou. The town is about 1200 miles south west of Beijing.

In a first hearing on the matter in early January, the Guiyang Yunyan District People’s Court did not rule the man was discriminated against exclusively because of his gender identity.

The court ordered Mr C’s employers to pay him a salary 843 yuan (US$133) and compensation of 1,500 yuan (US$238).

At the time Mr C said the decision was a landmark for trans people in China.

‘It is the first case in China where a sexual minority wins,’ he told the AFP.

‘It is also a piece of good news for the community.’

Two people one man in a suit and a woman in a grey cardian post in front of an official emblem

Mr C (R) with anti-discrimination lawyer Liu Xiaonan. | Photo: Weibo

Mr C appeals the decision

But Mr C was not satisfied with the court’s ruling that he was not discriminated against because he was trans. He quickly appealed the decision in Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court .

‘I have not received an apology up until now, which actually means that – in law – there is still very little protection in this area,’ he told Radio Free Asia.

The court ruled in favor of Mr C. It ordered the court to pay him an increased amount in lost wages and compensation totalling to about 4000 yuan (US$635).

The appeal ruling read that a person should not be discriminated against because of their gender identity.

‘An individual’s gender identity and gender expression falls within the protection of general personality rights, [everyone] should respect others’ rights to gender identity and expression,’ the ruling read.

‘Workers should not experience differential treatment based on their gender identity and expression.’

Trans rights in China

A landmark study in 2017 revealed trans people in China face high levels of discrimination and violence.

The National Survey of the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Population found almost 50% of the study participants said they had considered suicide or self-harm.

Also, due to widespread workplace discrimination, trans people often lived with very low incomes. A third of people earned less than 25,000 yuan ($3,770) a year.

‘The discrimination from work is a reason that a relatively large number of transgender respondents earn a low income,’ the Beijing LGBT Center’s director, Xin Ying said at the time

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FleshJack Dumps Topher DiMaggio Products Following Multiple Rape Allegations

FleshJack Dumps Topher DiMaggio Products Following Multiple Rape Allegations

Topher DiMaggio FleshJack feat

FleshJack used to sell a number of items featuring the likeness of accused rapist Topher DiMaggio, but no longer

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LGBT Community Celebrates On Fort Lauderdale Beach

In the mid-morning hours Sunday as volunteers set up booths, stages and lights at Pride Fort Lauderdale, clothing vendor Steven Hannestad remarked about the festival’s spirit.

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Gay alumni raise $300K to save a Pride Center after years of conservative attacks

Conservatives turned the University of Tennessee’s Pride Center into a front line in their Culture War, but gay alumni are trying to save it.
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Celine Walker is the 4th trans woman murdered in the United States in 2018

36-year-old Celine Walker

Celine Walker, age 36, became the fourth transgender person murdered in the United States in 2018.

Walker was found dead from a gunshot wound in a Jacksonville, Florida motel room. She was pronounced dead at the scene on Sunday, 4 February.

Why it matters

According to PghLesbian Correspondents, a Pittsburgh-based LGBTI blog, Walker was the third trans woman of color and second black trans woman to be killed in the country this year.

Walker’s death is the second reported murder of a trans person within a week.

The police misgendering and deadnaming Walker caused the announcement of her death to be delayed a week. Initial reports of the incident also misgendered and deadnamed Walker.


‘The reason the media has misgendered her is because it started with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, who is claiming they have a policy that does not refer to victims as transgender,’ writes blogger TransGriot. ‘Well Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, y’all need to deal with the reality that trans people exists, because it was not only disrespectful to refer to Celine as a man, not stating from the outset that a transgender female was murdered (see how easy that was Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office) has delayed your investigation.’

‘Celine was not a pageant girl. She didn’t even enjoy going to gay clubs or events,’ Walker’s friend, Naomi Michaels, wrote on Facebook.

‘There are several parts of this story that disturb me very much. One is that Jacksonville is home to some of the most amazingly talented Transwomen I know. That being said you’d think that this city could have some type of policy for dealing with the death and murder of transpeople. They don’t,’ Michaels said.

How can I help?

Police ask that anyone with information about Walker’s death contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at +1 (904) 630-0500, or via email at, or contact First Coast Crime Stoppers at +1 (866) 845-8477 (TIPS).

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Watch: Brandon Myers Tries To Show Abs, But His Giant Bulge Fills The Frame

By now, UK reality TV star Brandon Myers’ enormous bulge should have its own social media account… then again, that’s what Brandon Myers’ regular social media accounts are.

And this time, in a video meant to show his workout progress and his abs, his bulge took center stage, as usual. His fans were understandably ecstatic.

Brandon Myers model TV starPhoto: Instagram

Brandon Myers, the 21-year-old star of TV shows such as MTV’s  Ex By The Beach and Bromans, often posts raunchy photos of himself and his big bulge on Instagram, and sometimes of his bare bum. But it’s mostly about the bulge.

Brandon’s latest video, which he posted on Twitter, is captioned “Current condition. Watch me in 6 weeks” – and he moves around, pulling his underwear down slightly, putting his abs on display.

We’re not sure what’s going to happen in 6 weeks – his abs are already impressive – but then again, we weren’t looking at the abs. His fans weren’t either. See for yourself:

Current condition. Watch me in 6 weeks.

— Brandon Myers (@brandonpmyers) February 11, 2018

But yeah, sure, we’ll wait to see what happens in 6 weeks. And in 6 days. We’ll just keep watching.

Instagram Photo

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Catch a Glimpse of Hunky Chef Franco Noriega’s Meat in an Instagram Story

Catch a Glimpse of Hunky Chef Franco Noriega’s Meat in an Instagram Story

franco noriega penis

If you’ve ever wondered about Franco Noriega’s penis, we’ve discovered a very brief glimpse that is sure to brighten your Sunday Funday

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Agile Blokes Go For Broke

BY DAVID KENNERLEY | When best buds Beren D’Amico, Louis Gift, and Charlie Wheeller graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts in London a few years back, they were faced with a thorny dilemma. The Barely Methodical Troupe, as they are now known, had the chance to craft a piece to showcase their distinct talents, […]

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Art Isn’t Easy

BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE | Terrence McNally’s spellbinding new play “Fire and Air,” now at CSC, is ostensibly about the impresario Sergei Diaghilev, the fate of his Ballets Russes, and his artistic and sexual relationship with dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. As a chronicle of early 20th century art and a study of a complicated genius, it’s fascinating on […]

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Your Very First Look at a Character From the Upcoming ‘Riverdale’ Spinoff About Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Your Very First Look at a Character From the Upcoming ‘Riverdale’ Spinoff About Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

sabrina's cat salem

Show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa just posted a photo of Sabrina’s cat Salem from the upcoming ‘Riverdale’ spinoff, ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Melbourne

The Hornet Guide to Gay Melbourne

gay melbourne guide

Melbourne prides itself on its diversity, excellent culture and beautiful scenery, and gay Melbourne nightlife is especially lively and fun

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Australian Boxer Anthony Mundine Says Gays Should Get the Death Penalty

Australian Boxer Anthony Mundine Says Gays Should Get the Death Penalty

anthony mundine homophobia

Anthony Mundine just left ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’ and used his exit interview to declare homosexuality should be punished with death

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Andrea Marra and Melissa Sklarz Running For Office In New York State!

Image result for Andy Marra

The list of trans people,running for office in 2018 to #TransformPolitics continues to grow.

Have two more names to add to that list and both are longtime advocates and friends of mine in New York state running for legislative office there.

Andrea Marra is running for a New York State senate seat in Senate District 13 against the incumbent DINO senator Jose Peralta.   Peralta is colluding with the NY Senate Republicans so they can keep control of the Senate and block progressive legislation coming out of the Democratically controlled state Assembly. 

Senate District 13 covers the neighborhoods of Queens, Jackson Heights and  Astoria in New York City.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

One of the bills that is caught up in that legislative drama is GENDA.   That transgender rights bill has passed multiple times by large margins out of the Assembly, but has yet to get a hearing, much less a vote in the Republican controlled Senate in large part because of the sellout group of Democrats who caucus with the Republicans.

Should Andrea’s run for the SD 13 seat be successful, it would not only put a Democrat back in the Senate 13 seat, it would also put the party one step closer to finally getting control of the NY Senate in a predominately Democratic state and breaking the GOP senate logjam preventing progressive legislation from getting passed and signed into law by Gov.Andrew Cuomo (D).

Andrea said this about her race on her Facebook page.

It’s time to dish on what I’ve been working on for months. With already 210 contributions raising nearly $50,000 in just 30 days, I’m running for state senate to tackle the affordability crisis affecting New Yorkers from all walks of life. An affordable New York enabled my parents to succeed and I am running to ensure that other working and middle class people are offered that same kind of opportunity.

Image result for andy marra

I’m running against the incumbent Jose Peralta who walked away from the Democratic conference and now shares power with the Republicans. Enabling the party of Trump is clearly not the answer, yet Peralta is proud of his new affiliation. He even accepted $20,000 from Richard LeFrak, a close friend and major donor to Trump. Now more than ever, we need a strong and progressive state government to safeguard all New Yorkers from the real harm coming out of the White House. And I am excited to work hard and earn the privilege of serving my local community.

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors and listen to their concerns where 167 languages are spoken and difference of all kinds is valued. Let’s transform New York, together.#Marra2018 #SD13 #QNS #WatchMeWork

Marra would also be making history if she’s successful.   If she wins she’d be the first out Asian American elected to the NY Senate and the first Asian descended trans person elected to public office anywhere in the United States.   She’d  also be the first out trans person of any ethnic background elected to the New York state legislature.

Image may contain: 1 person, sittingThe other person attempting to make electoral history is another longtime New York based trans advocate in Melissa Sklarz.

Melissa is no stranger to making history.  In 2016 she became one of the first trans person in New York state who was named and cast a vote as an Electoral College presidential elector 

Sklarz is running for the 30th State Assembly district seat that is also in Queens.   The 30th Assembly District covers Woodside, Maspeth, and parts of Middle Village, Astoria, Sunnyside and Long Island City.

She’s also challenging an incumbent in Assemblyman Brian Barnwell who defeated a 9 time incumbent in the Democratic primary in 2016.

So needless to say Melissa is going to have a tough race and this is what she had to say about it from her Facebook page.  .

My dream is finally coming true. I am excited to announce my run for the New York State Assembly’s 30th Assembly District in Queens (Woodside, Maspeth, and parts of Middle Village, Astoria, and Sunnyside). This is the first of many announcements to come about this campaign. This race will not be easy, and I will need your help. 

Image result for Melissa sklarz presidential elector

After the 2016 election, I realized that now, more than ever, my years of experience in Albany and NYC advocating for equality will be put to good use representing the voters in my district. With our transportation network in crisis, the Trump budget assault on New Yorkers, and women still lacking proper representation in all sectors, I will make sure all voices are heard in Albany. 

Please donate whatever you can and share with your networks. I look forward to working with you and for you! #Melissa2018

Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club Endorses Bernie Sanders

Should Sklarz win this race, she would be making trans history again by becoming the first out trans person elected to the New York General Assembly.

Run Andrea and Melissa Run!   Good luck to both of you in this 2018 election year that is becoming more interesting by the day. 

Hope those of you living in New York will help them both out and help them with their campaigns either with your cash, your volunteer time and more importantly, your votes.   

This is your chance trans New Yorkers, to elect someone to the legislature to represent you, and hope you take advantage of it.

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Trump is going to introduce a new transgender military policy

People protesting the original transgender military ban.

Donald Trump and his administration have plans to introduce a new transgender military policy on 21 February.

The date seems to refer to the memorandum Trump inititally released regarding his transgender military ban. In the memo, there was direction for the defense secretary to submit an implementation plan by 21 February.

US District Judge Marvin Garbis, who is ruling one on of the many cases challenging the initial ban, noted in the new policy in an order filed on Tuesday (6 February).

In the order, Garbis writes that Trump’s counsel will not be defending the original policy. Instead, they will defend the new policy coming out this month.

As of 1 January, trans people were allowed to join the military again.

It is unclear what the new policy will entail and how it will change matters.

Maj. David Eastburn, a Pentagon spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News they would be making ‘recommendations’ to the White House. However, a final decision on the new policy will only come from Trump and his team.

Cruel and unconstitutional

In an emailed statement to GSN, HRC National Press Secretary Sarah McBride responded to the upcoming policy.

‘There has already been extensive and thorough study of allowing transgender people to serve openly,’ she said. ‘A process which led the Pentagon two years ago to announce that the United States would join eighteen other nations that allow open trans service.

‘There are currently thousands of transgender people serving in the U.S. military,’ the statement continued. ‘Their skills and service are already proving invaluable to our national security. In their repeated attempts to implement and justify this cruel and unconstitutional policy, the Trump-Pence Administration has been the only source of disruption on this issue.’

Indeed, a study by RAND discovered trans inclusion in the military would have ‘minimal impact on readiness and health care costs’.

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Queer Student Stabbed His Homophobic Bully

There’s Now Video of the Fight That Led a Queer Student to Stab His Homophobic Bully

Abel Cedeno video

A newly released Abel Cedeno video shows the queer student defending himself from punches, but does it prove he stabbed a bully in self-defense?

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2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

All the LGBT angles for the Winter Olympics.

Outsports will be covering all of the LGBT angles of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. We have a record number of publicly out LGBTQ athletes participating in these Winter Games, so we’re hoping for some medals and big headlines!

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2018 Olympics will have a record 13 out LGBTQ athletes

List includes the first out male Winter Olympians.

There will be a record 13 publicly out LGBTQ athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, including out men for the first time.

The number of out Olympians tops the seven from the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. In contrast, there were 56 out Olympians at the much larger Summer Olympics in 2016.

This list includes athletes who are open publicly about their orientation (there has never been an openly transgender Olympic athlete), meaning they have discussed it at some point publicly. We are aware there are other LGBT Winter Olympians who are out within their sport or team, but they have chosen not to discuss it publicly; these athletes are not on this list.

Often when we do this list, readers will alert us to someone we missed and we very much appreciate the tips. Send us any names we missed, along with relevant links, to:

2018 Out Winter Olympians

Emilia Andersson Ramboldt (Sweden, ice hockey): A two-time Olympian, Andersson Ramboldt is a defender on Sweden’s ice hockey team and attended Minnesota State University. She married her wife, Anna Ramboldt, in 2015.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter.

Belle Brockhoff (Australia, snowboarding): Brockhoff was selected to Australia’s Winter Olympics team just two months after suffering a bad knee injury, snowboarder Belle. Her participation is subject to her being medically clear. Brockhoff came out publicly as gay in 2013 prior to the 2014 Sochi Games as a protest against anti-LGBT laws that were passed in Russia. Before those Games she said wanted to “rip on the ass” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who pushed the laws.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Brittany Bowe (U.S., speedskating): Bowe is a former inline skater who has excelled on the ice, setting world records and winning medals. She competed in Sochi in 2014 but did not medal. An NBC Olympics profile noted that Bowe is dating Dutch speedskater Manon Kamminga. “It’s nice being with somebody that has the same passion, same drive, same goals,” Bowe said. “It’s obviously difficult living on different sides of the world. But we’re both focused on our goal.”
Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Jorik Hendrickx (Belgium, figure skating): Hendrickx is a two-time Belgian national champion who will be competing in his second Olympics. He came out publicly last month in an interview.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (Austria, ski jumping): This is the second Olympics for Iraschko-Stolz, who won a silver medal in Sochi. She is married.
Social media: Instagram

Barbara Jezeršek (Australia, cross country skiing): This is the second Olympics for Jezeršek, who competed for Slovenia in Sochi. “I think it’s everyone’s personal decision to come out as LGBT athletes,” she told Outsports. “In some sports it’s still a taboo, so I totally understand their decision and support that. It’s hard no matter that we live now in a more open world. On the end of a day it’s all about sport and we do it with biggest passion. But if we can share it with our partners it’s even better.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter.

Gus Kenworthy (U.S., slopestyle free skiing): Easily the most publicized LGBT athlete of the Olympics, Kenworthy (a 2014 silver medalist) is a strong medal contender. He has gotten numerous endorsements and is one of NBC’s faces of the Games.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Cheryl Maas (Netherlands, snowboarding): This is the third Olympics for Maas and she is the first Dutch athlete to medal at the XGames. In an interview for Outsports with journalist Gretchen Pleshaw, she talked about falling in love. She is married to former snowboarder Stine Brun Kjeldaas of Norway. The couple have two daughters, Lara and Mila
Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Simona Meiler (Switzerland, snowboarding): Meiler will be representing Switzerland in her third Olympics. She said that being openly gay has allowed her to compete without added stress. “[Athletes] have to be ready to give everything and perform wholeheartedly, and in my eyes that’s only possible if they can accept and express their sexuality,” she said. “That doesn’t mean they have to blare out that they are gay. But it definitely helps if an athlete’s closer environment is supportive and encouraging.”
Social media: Instagram

Sarka Pancochova (Czech Republic, snowboarding): This is the third Olympics for Pancochova and her first as an openly LGBT athlete. In an interview for Outsports with journalist Gretchen Pleshaw, she talked about not having to hide any more and how “stoked” she is to be out.
Social media: Instagram

Eric Radford (Canada, pairs figure skating): This is the second Olympics for Radford, who has won world titles with skating partner Meagan Duhamel, but the first since coming out openly. In his coming out interview with Outsports, he highlighted one benefit of being a male pairs skater who is gay. “A lot of pairs end up dating one another,” Radford said. “It can become risky because your on-ice training can be affected by your off-ice relationship. If you have a fight at home, it makes that training difficult. I used to joke around that I’m the ultimate pair-boy. I never had to worry about developing an off-ice relationship.” Radford is engaged to be married.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Adam Rippon (U.S., figure skating): The “old man” of the U.S. skating team at 28, Rippon jokes that he is proud of his “sons” Nathan Chen (18) and Vincent Zhou (17). Rippon came out in 2015 and proudly wears the banner of being the first publicly gay figure skater. His social media is acerbic and witty and must-follow.
Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Ireen Wüst (Netherland, speed skating): Wüst is speed skating royalty with gold medals in the 3,000 meters and team pursuit in Sochi, along with three silvers. She also won gold in 2006 and 2010. She is openly bisexual and married her female partner Letitia de Jong in 2017.
Social media: Instagram

A huge thanks to LGBT Olympic historian Tony Scupham-Bilton who helped us compile this list. His blog, The Queerstory Files, is a compilation of LGBT history.

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Chris Evert wants to keep Margaret Court’s name on tennis arena

Evert says Court’s tennis accomplishments should be honored.

Tennis great Chris Evert has weighed in on the Margaret Court Arena controversy, and she’s siding with the tennis legend.

Evert said in a recent interview with the New York Daily News that the arena should continue to bear the name of the Australian tennis great, despite her public statements about LGBT people.

“There’s a controversy — should they take (Court’s) name off the (Margaret Court Arena)? No. You’re celebrating her tennis.”

Evert said that Court’s name is on the arena because of her tennis accomplishments, and her name should stay on the arena because of that. Court won more career singes and doubles Grand Slam titles — 64 — than any other man or woman in history. It’s a record that will likely never be broken. Evert won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, tied with Martina Navratilova for fifth most by a woman, and she has the record for most Grand Slam singles appearances by a woman, 34.

Evert’s position was the position of her friend Billie Jean King until only recently. Despite Court saying some pretty mean things about Navratilova being a lesbian and being on the record opposing marriage equality, Court continued to get King’s support. It’s only been with a heightening of messaging by Court — likening the LGBT community and its members to “Hitler” and “the devil” — that King finally had enough and has called for the renaming of the arena.

To be clear, Evert said that Court’s statements don’t sit well with her.

“Her philosophy bothers me, yes,” she told the Daily News.

With so few female athletes recognized with arenas named after them and regarded as highly as Court is in the tennis world, it’s understandable why someone like Evert would be really cautious about removing a woman’s name. No doubt it’s one of the reasons King came to her current position more slowly than others.

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Philadelphia fans flocked to a gay bar in Minneapolis because it has ‘Eagle’ in its name

It’s not that kind of Eagle.

In cities around the world, bars bearing the name “Eagle” are gay — and usually gay leather — bars. New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Dallas, and many other cities have local dives bearing the name “Eagle.”

One city that doesn’t have one? Philadelphia. There, The Bike Stop has been the big gay leather bar for years.

So you’ll have to forgive the Philadelphia Eagles fans in Minneapolis yesterday who stumbled into the Eagle Bolt bar thinking it was a bar for Eagles fans. Instead, it’s Minneapolis’ version of the gay series of bars that have been around for decades.

From the reports, there were a lot of straight Eagles fans making the “mistake” yesterday:

One of the patrons told Eric Roper of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “We were just walking around as we were looking for a bar. I said we’re stopping there, it says Eagle.”

Of course it doesn’t matter where you watch the game, as long as you’re surrounded by some fans cheering along with you. Most gay bars I know of were showing the game yesterday; The Abbey in West Hollywood, where I watched the game, went all-in on the Super Bowl with extra TVs and even ditching the usual dance music for the audio of the game.

Last year we reported on Wisconsin fans heading to a gay bar in Provo, Utah, to watch the Badgers football team play against BYU.

You don’t have to be gay to watch the Super Bowl in a gay bar. Heck, you don’t have to be a football fan either. You just have to be cool, and it sounds like a bunch of cool Eagles fans had the night of their lives in a gay bar called Eagle.

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Eagles’ Super Bowl win shared by Philadelphia’s LGBT sports fans

Gay fans of the city were early supporters of Outsports.

MINNEAPOLIS — As the green and white confetti swirled here on the Super Bowl 52 champion Philadelphia Eagles after U.S. Bank Stadium was turned into an Eagles home game, I thought of how important the city’s gay sports fans have been to the history of Outsports.

Joe in Philly. Philly Fan. Larry Felzer. Sportinlife. These were just four of names I thought of after the Eagles amazing 41-33 win over the New England Patriots. Joe is celebrating in a Philly sports bar somewhere in heaven, why all others are cheering wherever long-suffering Eagles fans are congregating, from Broad Street and all 50 states and across the world.

Philadelphia sports fans are like no other — they can be really annoying but at the same time their passion is hard not to admire and any anger can quickly dissolve over a drink. And unlike New England fans — spoiled by five Patriots Super Bowl wins, and Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins titles — Philadelphia fans have almost always been on the short end.

Not any more — after winning their first Super Bowl and first NFL title since 1960, the Eagles can finally see a season end with a smile. And their fans will party like it’s 1999, fitting for a team that won a title in Prince’s hometown.

When Outsports first started in late 1999, it was Philadelphia LGBT sports fans who were a catalyst for making the site a community. Joe Guckin, aka Joe In Philly, was our Discussion Board MVP.

He got more and more gay sports fan engaged in the site and many of them — regardless of who they rooted for — became friends. Joe was joined by the likes of Sportinlife, who posted the best photos and found items that we were able to turn into stories. They sustained us in our early years when we were finding our footing. Joe even provided crucial financial support when we had to defend ourselves against a frivolous lawsuit. Joe died of brain cancer a year ago and we will never forget him.

I’ll always remember our 2004 Outsports conference in Philadelphia, where we were guests of the Phillies for a game and we all played pick-up football in the stadium parking lot before the game. I really think the passion and drive of the Philadelphia contingent gave Cyd and myself confidence that the site meant something to a lot of LGBT people in sports.

I thought of all this as I watched a sea of people clad in green cheer and stomp as Tom Brady’s final pass fell incomplete. When “Fly Eagles Fly” started to play with tens of thousands singing at the top of their lungs, it finally sank in for an Eagles fan base of all orientations that their team was really No. 1. “Super Bowl Champion Eagles” was finally not an oxymoron.

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Christine Forster and Virginia Flitcroft’s high profile same-sex wedding

Virginia Flitcroft and Christine Forster — sister of former prime minister Tony Abbott who famously campaigned for the no vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey last year — talk about the effect of their relationship on their families, and how they approached their big day.
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LGBT Inclusion Party at the Super Bowl draws NFL legends, hundreds of fans

Esera Tuaolo gathered NFL Legends, LGBT community members, and some incredible voices.

Esera Tuaolo’s inaugural Inclusion Party at the Super Bowl was a big hit in Minneapolis on Wednesday night, attracting hundreds of revelers expressing support for LGBT inclusion in football.

Tuaolo, a former NFL player who came out publicly as gay after he retired, wanted to create a tentpole event around the Super Bowl to continue the push for equality and inclusion in his beloved sport of football. Tuaolo called the Super Bowl in his adopted hometown of Minneapolis an “amazing opportunity” to demonstrate inclusion in the NFL.

Among the approximately 300 people in attendance Wednesday night were Minnesota Vikings legends Robert Smith and Carl Eller, Atlanta Falcons assistant general manager Scott Pioli, and openly gay sports writers Chris Hine and Steve Buckley. A number of athletes and coaches profiled by Outsports were also in attendance, including Justin Rabon, Brad Neumann and Lars Egge. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey also took time out of his busy schedule to attend and say a few words.

The entertainment for the night, hosted at the Pourhouse in Downtown Minneapolis, was provided mostly by Tuaolo and his compatriots on last season’s The Voice. Wonderful singers like Natalie Stovall, Kristi Hoopes, Rebecca Brunner, Adam Cunningham, Keisha Renee, Mitchell Lee and Dennis Drummond joined Tuaolo on stage for some fantastic performances.

Proceeds from the event, in addition to successful silent and online auctions, went toward local Minnesota LGBT charities, including Hate Is Wrong, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center and Avenues For Homeless Youth.

With the Super Bowl in Atlanta next year, Tuaolo will continue his Inclusion Party. He played defensive end for both the Vikings and Falcons during his NFL career.

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All 31 NHL teams are hosting a Pride or Inclusion Night this season

From Feb. 1 to March 5 you can join your favorite NHL team with rainbows and smiles.

This year seemingly all 31 NHL teams are hosting some form of “Inclusion Night” or “Pride Night” between Feb. 1 and March 5 for the league’s “Hockey Is For Everyone” campaign.

The NHL teams each handle the celebration of “Hockey Is For Everyone” differently. Some, like the Boston Bruins, have general nights embracing overall inclusion, while others like the New Jersey Devils have LGBT-specific Pride Nights.

Each team has also handled the promotion of their nights differently. Those same Devils have been outwardly unabashed about promoting LGBT Pride, while you have to dig deep to find anything from some teams like the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers (who didn’t do much last year, either).

Proceeds from most or all of these nights go to You Can Play, which aims to curb homophobic behavior in sports.

Below we’ve provided links to tickets, where we could find them:

Feb. 1: Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Arizona Coyotes

Feb. 3: New York Islanders

Feb. 6: Buffalo Sabres, St. Louis Blues

Feb. 8: Minnesota Wild, Philadelphia Flyers

Feb. 9: Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers

Feb. 10: Columbus Blue Jackets

Feb. 13: Winnipeg Jets

Feb. 15: Chicago Blackhawks, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks

Feb. 16: Dallas Stars

Feb. 17: Calgary Flames

Feb. 18: Colorado Avalanche

Feb. 20: Vancouver Canucks

Feb. 21: Anaheim Ducks

Feb. 22: Edmonton Oilers, Nashville Predators

Feb. 24: Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs

Feb. 27: Washington Capitals

Feb. 28: Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning

March 1: Los Angeles Kings

March 5: Pittsburgh Penguins

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These Patriots offensive linemen say they’d support a gay teammate

Acceptance would await someone like Ryan O’Callaghan coming out today, players say.

MINNEAPOLIS — When Ryan O’Callaghan played offensive lineman for the New England Patriots in 2006 and 2007, he was deeply closeted and a decade from coming out publicly as gay. The Patriots, with their emphasis on winning and attention to details, were a great fit for someone trying to blend in and not have undue focus on his personal life.

“All you are there to do is whatever it takes to win,” O’Callaghan told Outsports of his time in New England, which included a Super Bowl trip to end the 2007 season. “Distractions were not allowed. Everyone on the team had a job, knew their job and really focused on doing that. As little comfort as it did bring, it did help.”

While society has made great strides in LGBT acceptance in the time since O’Callaghan played for the Patriots — including legalizing same-sex marriage — the NFL and major men’s pro sports remain a desert, bereft of out gay or bisexual athletes.

Since there has never been an active out NFL player (and only 11 who came out after retiring), straight allies in the locker room remain a crucial element should any player decide to take the plunge.

With that in mind, I asked seven current Patriots linemen — starters, subs and practice squad players — whether a Ryan O’Callaghan coming out in 2018 would be accepted. Their answers were a collective yes, such a player would be welcome. This was echoed by Patriots owner Robert Kraft who told me here in Minneapolis that “the only thing I care about is can they help us win.”

The most tepid response came from center David Andrews, who said, “Whatever people decide to do in their personal life, that’s their choice.” When I followed up, he sounded like a mini-Bill Belichick: ”I’m really focused on Philly. That’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get there. For me, I’m just focused on Philly.”

To be fair to Andrews, I did talk with him during a media scrum, where it’s hard to do follow-ups and have any depth. The other six I spoke with were in short one-on-ones, where they felt comfortable being a little more expansive.

It was clear that LGBT issues were not at the forefront for these players and I’m not sure any of them had heard of O’Callaghan’s coming out. When I asked rookie guard Cole Croston whether he had gay friends or acquaintances growing up, he said “it really wasn’t a part of my life as a kid.” That’s not surprising from someone raised in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, population 4,227.

Yet Croston was clear that he would embrace an openly gay teammate. Only one of the players I spoke with, Ted Karras, had a teammate in high school or college he later found out was gay. “He was always a good teammate and it didn’t change anything for me,” Karras said.

The views of all the linemen I spoke with were pretty clear — for them, a gay teammate would be just one of the guys. Here is what they said.

Cameron Fleming, tackle, 4th year

”I don’t think it would be an issue for me. It’s a workplace like everywhere else. It definitely is a little bit different but I’d be fine with it and accept it.”

LaAdrian Waddle, tackle, 5th year

”I don’t think you’d know about [acceptance] until it happened. Different people have different opinions. I wouldn’t care. It wouldn’t matter to me.”

Joe Thuney, guard, 2nd year

”Everyone just wants to work for a common goal. Everyone wants to win and we want whoever can contribute to a winning effort. We just want to win. What can you do to help the team win that’s the bottom line.”

Ted Karras, guard, 2nd year

”I can only speak for myself and I think where we are in our society I think that would be absolutely OK. I would totally accept a teammate regardless of [his sexual orientation].”

David Andrews, center, 3rd year

“Whatever people decide to do in their personal life, that’s their choice.”

Cole Croston, guard, rookie

”I would absolutely not have a problem. I think he’d be accepted for sure. We’re in the year 2018 where that kind of thing is happening all over the place so I don’t think it’d be an issue. He’s just another guy on the team.”

James Ferentz, center, practice squad, 3rd year

”I think we’ve been ready for it. I think we live in a world where we’re more focused on playing football vs. what you do in your spare time. We’re more worried if he’s a good teammate and football player, that’s the biggest thing.”

”I’m sure along the way [I’ve had a gay teammate]. I’ve been playing football for 12 years now, I’m sure somewhere along the way someone was. Does it even matter?”

”My understanding is it’s not a choice, you’re born a certain way. For anyone to have to hide what you are is wrong in my opinion and I’d like to think I play in a league where we’re openly accepting of anybody. We’re more worried about you as a teammate and a football player, that’s really what’s important.”

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Alexander Skarsgard’s famous male date is all over his secret Instagram account

Unlock the mystery of Max Danger.
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Celebrity Big Brother’s gay/straight bromance reaches NSFW heights

Escalating escandalo.
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Shirtless Ryan Reynolds set to shirtlessly star in “Clue” remake

Wadsworth got so jacked, you guys.
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PHOTOS: It’s a hairy situation on the dance floor of Brooklyn’s Rough Trade party

Inside Brooklyn’s Rough Trade party, DJ Duo SexShooters were spinning all night long for the hot sweaty boys.
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This reporter went and lost her damned mind while interviewing Ricky Martin

Rule #1 regarding celebrity interviews: Always keep your cool.
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Actor who played Tinky Winky, the ‘gay’ Teletubby, has died

Tinky Winky made international headlines back in 1999 when Jerry Falwell claimed he was homosexual.
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Varla Jean Merman shows off her muscle dad bod and we’re parched

Hello, daddy!
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Neo-Nazi’s plan to massacre gay people foiled after he brags about it on Facebook

Neo-Nazis aren’t known for their intellect.
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Man sounds alarm on serious problem plaguing locker rooms: Male nudity

This is not a drill.
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Chris Hemsworth’s revealing ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ scene has found its way to the web

RIP, Internet. You were weird.
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The all-gay cast of “The Boys in the Band” revival thinks there’s something you need to know

The boys are getting the band back together.
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The horribly embarrassing thing Jamie Dornan did to his privates to look “sexy”

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Guess which world famous gay entertainer this kid grew up to be?

If you write the answer in the comments, we’ll notify the authorities and you will go to jail.
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Taye Diggs stuns Christina Aguilera with this ‘Candyman’ drag number

He’s just looking for his candyman.
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Gay bar owner’s racist history comes back to haunt him, but he would still like your business

Palmer Marsh is the owner of Burkhart’s Pub in Atlanta. He’s also a racist.
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Father Charged for killing his Gay Son

Police had no details Saturday on any of the alleged threats the father had made against his gay son.

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