Why do people discriminate?

We’ve all heard that 10% of the population is gay. Maybe in 1940. It’s now 2017, social values have changed, and most countries have now decriminalised homosexual acts between consenting adults. The biggest change is society’s overall understanding/knowledge of sex and gender, which has been portrayed negatively or positively, in mainstream media. Society now knows, Sex and Gender is non-binary, both characteristics vary among all human and animal species regardless, and not just limited to Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered people.

No wonder youth are confused about their gender. Lady Gaga tells us “We are born this way” than the government tells us were not it’s a choice, it’s unnatural. No one can prove same-sex acts between consenting adults is wrong, or it’s unnatural – Failed, what facts/evidence is there to back this up, yet people still repeat this shit? Sounds like another anti-gay slogan. What’s the point? Unless your conjoined twins, married to the person, or sexually interested, why would you care or hate someone for being different? That is the question!

Everyone is born equal and without indifference. Why we should have all have equal rights – that’s a no brainer. Marriage does not make a family or a man but if it can break one, it is very simple. Still, this does not give anyone authority to try and repress or deny human rights from other humans, that would be inhuman, wouldn’t it?

LGBTI-rights, and the rights of all humans are a threat if it remains in the hands of our politicians. Human Rights need to be protected, it’s our legacy, it’s our right, not a choice. It acknowledges all those who have died or been killed before us, fighting for you, and your country as well as the freedom that we are taking for granted today. Where will it end, when will people finally say enough, is enough…  The question I want to ask the community.

Q) Why do people discriminate, and what action did/can you take to stop it?

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