NSW police apologised to 78ers but, was a cop out?

NSW Police has apologised for the pain and hurt caused by their actions... After week after an apology from the NSW Parliament to the 78ers. Was it a COP out? What do you think?

The NSW Police Force has joined the NSW parliament and the Sydney Morning Herald in issuing an apology to the Mardi Gras '78ers.

"I can tell you that I spoke with Commissioner [Andrew Scipione] this morning – and I have his full support in saying that the NSW Police Force is sorry for the way that first Mardi Gras was policed back in 1978," said Superintendent Tony Crandell.

"For that – we apologise - and we acknowledge the pain and hurt caused by police actions back then."

"I work very closely with the LGBTI community and I understand the depth of feeling about the role of police back in 1978. Our relationship these days is healthy, positive and progressive. That wasn’t the case back then."

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