We need to be prepared to work in concert with developing AI.

For those of you that are frightened by the prospect of a robotic future, where your job, even your life has been taken over by artificial intelligence you can relax. The prevailing point of view today is not a take over of human jobs by artificial intelligence, but an augmentation of human work by teaming up with AI. Super-entrepreneur Elon Musk has said it is essential for humans to team with AI and has even started a company, Neuralink, to investigate the technology necessary to make the merging possible.

Of course, Musk suggests a physical connection between AI and people but not everyone is going to be thrilled to have a device implanted in order to make them smarter. So others suggest that AI be designed to work in concert with humans, taking away the mundane tasks allowing humans to concentrate on the more human aspects of their jobs, such as empathy.

The biggest task that HR professionals have today is to determine which jobs in the organization can benefit the most from being connected to AI and to start preparing those workers for that eventuality.

Are you ready?

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