(previously hosted on this website) was launched in February 2016 to help educate, advocate and promote awareness of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender individuals and same sex-couples, especially in mainstream news and media. With the support and assistance of friends, volunteers and guest bloggers as well as visitors who shared our content, the website had received more than one million organic hits within the first 8 months.

In 2017, My Rainbow Network was recognised as a Big Guest Posting approved website, after passing the following crucial criteria with flying colours;

  • Domain name has not expired and become part of a Public Blog Network
  • Website’s content is original, high quality and informative
  • Website is not performing any SEO activities that are putting it at risk of being deindexed
  • Website is not selling a large number of guest posts, also known as a Guest Post Farm
  • Website is not promoting any unethical or illegal content or media that may damage your brand’s reputation

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