My Rainbow Network is the voice for LGBTIQ+ individuals, who are generally overlooked in mainstream media and their own communities. If, you want your brand, in front of a diverse, and influential market than you have come to the right social platform.

We aim to serve our clients with our best input and efforts and provide our clients for an initial No Charge – No Obligation initial assessment meeting, during which we provide a transparent, result orientated proposal with estimated fee structure and deliverables with a specified time frame for achieving the set strategic sales and marketing goals.


We work closely with the client’s internal team to achieve the set strategic goals and ensure to create achievable solutions which will work within the client’s affordable budgets. We also provide with an on-going support post implementation as long to ensure client’s utmost satisfaction. We guarantee our clients utmost professional standards and confidentiality.

We can provide you advice and solutions to improvise your sales and marketing functions including:

  • Direct advertising on our platform
  • Rainbow-friendly websites/Landing Pages
  • Website and banner ads
  • Developing sales & marketing strategies
  • Design inclusive practices and programs for schools and workplaces
  • Identifying new markets, products, services and partnership opportunities
  • LGBTIQ+ Training and Developing internal sales & marketing team
  • Providing Sales Leads
  • Sales Promotions
  • Market evaluation assessment
  • Successful product/service market testing
  • Creating competitive edge over your competitors

Why Us

My Rainbow Network was randomly reviewed by experts in the field of blogging, SEO and internet marketing. Our platfrom meets the following crucial criteria.

1. Domain name has not expired and become part of a Public Blog Network
2. Website’s content is original, high quality and informative
3. Website is not performing any SEO activities that are putting it at risk of being deindexed
4. Website is not selling a large number of guest posts, also know as a Guest Post Farm
5. Website is not promoting any unethical or illegal content or media that may damage your brand’s reputation