Spiritual awakening

Planet Earth Ascension

The facts are in, the planet has ascended therefore allowing us humans to access earth energy in a magical way like never experienced before on this planet.  I intuitively feel due to this earth shift that we are now closer to an energetic field or portal within the galaxy that has powerfully influenced us to awaken to higher dimensions of reality connected to Christ consciousness.  The more we spiritually connect to higher self and  to the thousands of angelic beings here to assist in our awakening process the closer we become to achieving the original plan bringing peace here on earth.
The fact that we were born on earth means that we also have ascended with the earth and are experiencing rapid changes throughout our entire being at the exact same time as the earth. This has created a shift in consciousness.  The earth ascension process is allowing us to truly remember who we are and to understand the purpose of our individual truth finding journey and to live the life of our dreams and experience a permanent state of euphoric happiness whilst on the planet.  DNA activation is accruing at the very core of our spiritual soul.  We are learning through this activation process to embrace what I call love force energy.
A portal within our galaxy is now open, the time has finally come to re-write history and create a new ancestry based on a value system within society that embraces integrity, fairness, truth and love. We are truly blessed to be here and assist Gaia- mother earth with this process. Many star seeded indigo, crystal and rainbow children are leading the way and teaching the true value of happiness, freedom and love. Many of which also incarnated on earth over the last 100 years.
These children are powerful psychics and healers. It has been a fascinating discovery for me as a mother to learn that my seven year old son is a crystal being and that 99% of the children born from the year 2000 are star seeded beings that have chosen to be here to assist in the creation of love and peace within humanity on earth. They are pure beings of light and are often wise beyond their years.
I believe we will all evolve and surrender to the flow of this powerful universal energy shift the more we are able to spread awareness of spiritual evolution and share our ascension experiences. I feel that we can teach each other to trust in a higher power when we through communication with each other learn that we are experiencing powerful synchronicity and messages from spirit and earth. To be validated and not feel alone through this process should be encouraged. It really is a time of teachers and healers. They seem to be everywhere in every living species to remind us that we are all here to heal both the earth and of its inhabitants and create unity.
I personally really wanted to get the word out about spiritual awareness and to be a part of the many amazing spiritual people who share their experiences. I feel absolutely compelled and have an inner knowing that I had to share my ascension experience as well as tips and advice to help others achieve their own spiritual truth and enlightenment.

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