This video provides you with an overview of a growing social problem, faced by out youths. We now need to work out “how to live in a world where technology makes anything possible”?

The Dean at Stanford university asked Ex-Facebook Executive Chamath
Palihapitiya, “What do you think are the long-term effects of social media, in general? He responded to the question by saying “I think the tools that have been created today are starting to erode the social fabric of how society works.”

We know for a fact that like drugs, what all of these systems do is they exploits our own natural tendencies to receive feedback. And that feedback, chemically speaking is the release of dopamine in your brain. This is the same feeling you get when you are lonely, then out of nowhere you get a call or text from a friend.  

Mr Palihapitiya reckons we all need to take a step back and actually ask ourselves “how do we want to be interacting with these social tools, now seven years into it”?

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