Why More Men Should Show Off Their Bulges

The bulge is a man’s cleavage. A bulge is the male equivalent to a push-up bra and low cut top. Everyone loves staring at them — I mean LOVE. The juicy thickness in all its bouncing glory makes us salivate and beg for more. If it’s connected to an even sexier package, all the better.

If women can use their cleavage to play to their assets, I say it’s high time for men to do the same!

It’s summer time, which means the bulges are wreaking havoc at beaches and waterparks across the world, and gay guys couldn’t be happier about it. But what is it about the bulge that makes us go crazy?

Some guys walk around with a giant bulge knowing that people are staring. We can’t help but think he gets off on it — why shouldn’t he? He enjoys that we look, and let’s face it — we want him to know that we’re looking. He teases us, and we tease right back.

Scientifically, our brains have sexual triggers. As men, it’s visual, whereas for women it’s mainly emotional. Meaning if you want to turn a woman on, you need to make her feel something. But if you want to turn a man on — you have to make him see something.



A bulge is the epitome of c*ckteasing. A giant one is associated with masculinity and manhood, both of which turn us on even more. Even when we aren’t the most masculine of guys, if we display a giant bulge the triggers in people’s brain immediately make them submissive, which is why we tend to lose our breath at the sight.

We’re always going to stare at a bulge — it’s human nature. No matter what it’s attached to, our first instinct is to stare and in many ways, compare.

There’s a psychological battle going on in our heads. We don’t want to be rude, so we try not to stare. But no matter how hard we try, our eyes seem to click back and forth out of our control.

This process stimulates the circuits in our brains relating to sex and discipline, and as we fight to maintain a balance between them, we subliminally become powerless to its control. Animalistic impulses are being suppressed by our need to be tasteful and evolved as human beings. As a result, the bulge becomes even more tempting to gawk at.

Bulges can be one of the most powerful tools we have to get what we want. It leaves everyone speechless and powerless to its control – that’s something we should take advantage of.

The bulge is a man’s cleavage. Women have been using their boobs to hypnotize men for ages; it’s about time men start doing the same. We need to show our assets off and use it as a tool to get what we want. Let’s start now — we’ll all be watching!